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The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) / List Of Non Player Characters (NPCS)
« Last post by Mr. Tees on December 02, 2016, 08:39:39 AM »
Non Player Authority Figures

Tony Carter- The supposed “General Manager” though it’s quite obvious that he’s little more than a puppet on a string answering to someone far more ominous.

Mickey The Midget- The Assistant GM. Mickey speaks with inconsistent accents; sometimes British, sometimes Southern, sometimes Australian. He and Carter have an inconsistent relationship as well; sometimes they are on the same page other times not so much but they are indeed a “team”


Matt Holton-Color commentator/interviewer
Tim Thomas- Play by play man/interviewer
Rhett Logan- Interviewer/sometimes alternate or third commentator
Jeremy Rogan-In ring and backstage interviewer
Hardcore Jimmy- Ring Announcer
Sabrina Masters- Ring announcer with a dominatrix type gimmick.


Scott Fort- Rookie Ref often works opening bouts
Damien Agron- Middle ref often refs matches on the mid and lower cards. Can be bought for a price and often favors heels
Zed “The Ref” Rios- Senior Official.
Jennifer "Jenny" “No Stripes” Carbone- No non sense female ref with a lot of experience but not as much as Rios


“Dangerous” Danny Roman- Head of security a former wrestler and MMA fighter who had quite a bit of success in his day.

Jeremy Havoc- Tony Carter’s personal bodyguard. A retired wrestler and police officer, he is a non wrestler and only gets physically involved when it comes to protecting Carter from immediate physical danger so don’t expect to see him booked in matches.
The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) / Jon Tees (Owner-Founder-CEO)
« Last post by Mr. Tees on December 02, 2016, 08:39:09 AM »

Handler Info

First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 17 Years
Messengers: Mr Jon Tees (Aim) Jon_Tees (Yim) Jon_Tees@hotmail.com (MSN)
How did you hear about AWL: Own It

Character Info
Name: Jon Tees
Physical Description: Kevin Nash
Outfit: Expensive often times custom made suits or stylish casual clothing. Always dresses the part of the alpha male that he is. To give you an example he’ll always try to look slightly nicer than the most well dressed guy in the room.
Entrance Music: "Die Mother Fucker Die" by Dope
Brief Bio: Jon Tees has been involved in the wrestling industry for the better part of the last 16 years. During that time he has functioned as a wrestler-manager-booker-commentator-journalist and promoter. His reputation proceeds him and he is truly a man who needs no introduction. He has recently formed The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) out of a purchased and relocated territory after becoming nostalgic about a past wrestling promotion he was apart at the very beginning of his career of as he was contemplating retirement. He has big plans in the works for the upstart promotion, but only time will tell.

Tees now very reclusive still appears on cards infrequently as a talent and somewhat more  frequently as the manager of “special attractions” that he brings in. He is rumored to have to report to some form of board of directors in spite of  being the principal owner and founder, but no one really knows any of these people who supposedly comprise  this board or even if they actually exist.
The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) / Jonathan Price
« Last post by Mr. Tees on December 02, 2016, 08:38:34 AM »

Handler Info
First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 17 Years
Messengers: Mr Jon Tees (Aim), Jon_Tees (Yim), Jon_Tees@hotmail.com (Msn)
How did you hear about AWL: Own The Place/Already Here.

Character Info
Name: Jonathan Price
Pic Base: Corey Graves
Outfit: Various suits with low enough neck lines that neck and shoulder tattoos are often visible.
Entrance Music: “The Zoo” by Scorpions

Brief Bio: The nephew of The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) founder and principal owner Jon Tees, Jonathan Price  had something of a successful in ring career mainly in Europe and Japan, though he did briefly wrestle in the states in Anarchy Wrestling under the name Hardcore Jono, prior to suffering a series of concussions among other injuries. Forced to retire from in ring competition, Price set his focus on managing taking over many of the contracts once held by his good friend and mentor Tony Carter after Carter became General Manager.

Associates: Bruiser Brophy
The Apocalypse Wrestling League (AWL) / Bruiser Brophy
« Last post by Mr. Tees on December 02, 2016, 08:38:00 AM »

Handler Info
First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 17 Years
Messengers: Mr Jon Tees (Aim), Jon_Tees (YIm), Jon_Tees@hotmail.com (MSN)
How did you hear about AWL: Already Here.

Character Info
Real Name: Frank Brophy
Stage Name: Bruiser Brophy
Height: 7’1
Weight: 350lbs
Hometown: Trenton, NJ
Alignment: Monster Heel
Manager: Jonathan Price
Wrestling Style: Brawler/Ultra Violent/Hardcore
Entrance Music: “Immigrant Song”  by Led Zeppelin
Wrestling Outfit: Tattered jeans and ripped t-shirts (various kinds)
Backstage Outfit: Pretty much anything ranging from his ring attire to casual/formal dress
Pic Base: Necro Butcher

Entrance Description: “Immigrant Song” blares throughout the arena as Bruiser Brophy charges out from the back like a wild savage. Jonathan Price struggles to keep up with his client/keep the Wildman under control as Brophy storms toward the ringside area giving little to no regard to the fans a look of intensity and raw hatred upon his face. He enters the ring and Price takes his place at ringside. ,

Personality:  Ultra violent lunatic has no regard for his own safety yet alone that of his opponent. He never speaks and Jonathan Price usually does the bulk of his talking for him. Brophy’s only verbal expressions are caveman style grunts, and making animistic growling/barking noises.

Brief Bio: A savage and sadistic wild man Brophy can only be controlled by his manager Jonathan Price and even Price struggles to keep this former marine turned blood thirsty psycho under control at times. .


1. Choose Death- Sidewalk Slam on top of two folded steel chairs placed back to back
2. Bruiser  Bomb- Tiger Driver

Signature Moves
1. Violence Parade- Multiple punches to an opponent in the turnbuckle followed by multiple foot stomps to opponent seated in corner
2. Sling shot Brainbuster- Think of a slingshot suplex only with a brain buster instead.
3.  The Sweaty Ball Claw- Mandible Claw applied after Brophy sticks his hand down his pants.

Regular Moves (List At Least 10 but no more than 25 and keep it realistic)

1.) Chokebomb
2.) Death valley driver
3.) Diving crossbody
4.) Life Constrictor (Rear Naked Choke)
5.) Body Slam whilst holding a chair
6.) Multiple stiff headbutts
7.) Multiple stiff punches
8.) Lariat
9.) Pumphandle slam
10.) Release powerbomb
11.) Swinging neckbreker
12.) Low Blow
13.) Asiatic Spike- Thumb chokehold
14.) Running, jumping or a diving knee drop
15.) Atomic drop
16.) Backbreaker rack
17.) Diving brain chop
18.) High knee strike
19.) One-armed body slam
20.) Running big boot

Poses/Taunts: Growling/Barking, making a throat slashing motion
Elite Wrestling / Things That Make You Go Hmmm...
« Last post by Mr. Tees on July 21, 2015, 12:28:25 PM »

Jon Tees is shown wearing a royal blue suit with a black dress shirt sans a tie, brown alligator print dress boots and a matching belt (which is hidden by the sport coat. Standing yet again against the simplest of backdrops,  simply his name and logo he immediately begins cutting a promo.

Tees: You know once upon a time… likely before Jacob The Shit Talking Wonder Twink was  even born… there used to be this show called The Arsenio Hall Show that would air late nights…. more than likely past Jacob’s bedtime assuming he was born remotely within the era of that hit late night program. Anyway, long story short there used to be a running gag on that show called "Things That Make You Go Hmmm... "where during the course of an alleged long car ride Arsenio would ponder deep-troubling thoughts and refer to them as "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..."

Tees pauses and takes a sip of bottled water

Tees: Well one thing that makes me go Hmmm….. is how Jacob the wonder twink has such unmitigated arrogance and such an inflated ego. The guy acts as though he’s the greater wrestler whose ever “graced” the ring with his presence even though he’s never once even set foot into an Elite Wrestling ring and nobody knows him from any fucking where. Well Jakey Boy I got news for you… just because you signed a deal with Elite Wrestling doesn’t mean that you are necessarily one of The Elite. You need to earn that distinction by taking on and beating some of the greatest from around the world and across time.. much like I have done throughout my legendary career. I am providing you with that opportunity when you face my mystery associate and we shall see if you have what it takes to survive and thrive in this ultra competitive environment.  No Jacob my mystery man is not going to “tickle” your feet much as you’d enjoy that. Nor is he going to smell… lick or suck them. But what he will do and listen closely is he’ll take your foot and shove it up your ass… and he’ll fuck your ass with your own big toe and make you humble. At that point you’ll realize that you’re over matched and you’ll thank me for not putting you against one of my top tier guys right off the bat. But if by some miracle you do mange to squeak past my mystery man… well then I’ll break out the heavy artillery and put an end to your delusions of grandeur. The first episode of Wednesday Night Revolution will indeed be your last once my mystery man gets finished with you. You have been warned and the bells now toll for you and once bells start tolling heads start rolling. I just can’t wait for that vertically challenged midget and his sidekick that mentally challenged dwarf to make it official.

Fade out with Tees laughing.
Elite Wrestling / Challenge Accepted… Bitch!
« Last post by Mr. Tees on June 29, 2015, 06:13:24 PM »

Jon Tees stands before you dressed rather casually and oddly. He sports an emerald colored polo shirt, with a golden colored monograph with his initials “JRT” in a York style, a pair of navy pants, and a pair of navy suede oxfords with lime green laces. His shirt is untucked and this is a rather unusual manner of dress for a man who usually dresses formally though he still appears rather stylish.  The backdrop Tees stands against is simple, simply his name written out in similar golden text as his shirt against a royal blue background. He immediately begins speaking.

Tees: Jacob… Jacob… Jacob.. You’ve been throwing out this challenge for nearly two weeks and no one has accepted. Do you want to know why? It’s rather simple really… so simple in fact that even someone with a third grade education, much like the slew of candidates running for president in 2016 can understand it… no one and I mean know one knows who the fuck you are.  And you’re talking all of this trash as though you’re some sort of legend… some sort of icon… someone like yours truly who has beaten the best and the so called “best” time and time again and continues to do so.

Tees pauses and takes a pull from his bottled water.

Tees: But don’t worry… I’m going to make you famous.. I’ll even make you the legend that you seem to believe yourself to be… consider your challenge accepted.. but not by me… or any of my main guys… at least not yet anyway. Like I said you are a stranger to me and most people.. I don’t know who you are and quite frankly couldn’t care less…. but I will provide you with an opportunity to prove yourself and show the world that you are as great as you perceive yourself to be.

Tees: You see I have this guy, someone who once upon a time was making quite the name for himself in this business. But his career hit a little bit of a snag… you see about five or six years ago two stupid sons of bitches decided to test him in a bar fight they’re pushing up daisies  and lets just say and he’s at the tail end of a stint in a maximum security prison. Anyway, long story short he’s getting out soon and will be looking to reestablish the legacy that got a bit sidetracked.  This is the man you’ll be facing… but here’s the kicker… you aren’t going to know this man’s identity until match time.  So although you now know that this person is a male fresh out of prison you won’t know one damn other thing about him. Prove yourself against this mystery man and if you impress me maybe.. just maybe I’ll put you against one of my regular guys and may even grant you the privilege of getting into the ring with yours truly the legend himself. I accept your challenge on behalf of this man… but he’ll be coming to destroy you and end your pitiful existence… you have been warned and the bells now toll for you… and when bells start tolling heads start rolling.

Fade out with Tees laughing evilly.
Elite Wrestling / Heinrich Von Tees House Sits For A Friend
« Last post by Mr. Tees on May 22, 2015, 06:32:20 AM »

Tomas Tidewell one of my few “friends” in this rotten shithole of a world, decided to take his family on a vacation to the Caribbean, he asked me to keep watch over his modest house while they were away.  I agreed. I must note that I am not mocking my friend’s house it is adequate for he and his small family, but compared to the mansion where I reside it isn’t much. You could literally fit entire his house in my living room three or four times over.  Anyway, at present I am upstairs in the master bedroom sound asleep alongside a gorgeous Italian woman I picked up at a local club. I believe her name is Caterina or something to that effect but am not exactly sure. Anyway, she has long black hair and olive skin and is fat in all of the right places if you know what I mean. I am sleeping shirtless exposing my muscular physique and wearing a pair of navy blue sweat pants. It is then that I am awoken by the sound of a sliding glass door opening and a banging noise with someone yelling “Ah… shit!” and wincing in pain. Obviously someone has entered the house and knowing that my friend and his family are not due back for a few more days, I head downstairs to investigate. The Italian beauty beside me continues sleeping undisturbed by the noise. 

I notice standing before me a rather fat, dumpy looking man (I assume) dressed entirely in black complete with a ski mask. The man is floored and apparently has tripped over or banged his knee on my friend’s stuffed, formerly living dog Charles. Who for reasons known only to my friend is kept directly by the sliding door, positioned as though he wishes to go out.  This bumbling buffoon  apparently didn’t realize this as he was breaking and entering. 

Heinrich Von Tees: Who the bloody fuck are you?

Burglar: Ah Crap! I didn’t realize anyone was here governor how’s about I just leave and you pretend this was a bad dream?

Heinrich Von Tees: How about I kick your fucking ass from here to kingdom come? Sounds a lot more fun to me.

Burglar: Please don’t kill me sir… It’s my birthday

Heinrich Von Tees: Well then… that changes everything doesn’t it?

Burglar: It does? Thank you then governor I’ll be on my way.

Heinrich Von Tees: Actually… all it changes is the fact that I’ll sing happy birthday to you as I’m kicking your ass from here to kingdom come.

I violently punch the man in the stomach and keels over in pain.

Heinrich Von Tees: Happy Birthday to you.

I knee the man in the side of the temple and slam him against the wall.

Heinrich Von Tees: Happy Birthday to you.

I slam the man’s head into the wall and proceed to rip off his ski mask.

Heinrich Von Tees: I don’t fucking know you… why are you doing this? You’re an old man, a pathetic old man, an old man who probably should have died years ago.

Burglar: (Struggling to breath) I’m only 50 please let me go I can explain.

Heinrich Von Tees:
Explain what? You were going to rob  a house… the wrong house and you got caught… by me.  Now you’re paying the price for your ignorance and stupidity.

I slam his head into the wall to the point that it leaves a hole.

Heinrich Von Tees: Happy Birthday to you…. you stupid son of a bitch who robbed the wrong house, at the wrong time and got caught… Happy Birthday to you…

I throw the man to the floor and beat/choke him with a golf club before knocking him unconscious.

Heinrich Von Tees: And Many More.

I contemplate insuring that won’t be the case by killing the man and ending his miserable life… but end up settling on the idea of turning him in. I tie him up not that it’s necessary and drop him off at a local police station with a note pinned to his chest explaining the situation. I return to Tomas’ house and notice that Caterina has finally awoken and made coffee… not only that but she’s cleaned the minor mess no questions asked.

Heinrich Von Tees: You really are a heavy sleeper.

Caterina: Not usually, but you really wore me out last night.

Fade out with us eating breakfast and drinking coffee.
Elite Wrestling / It Had To Be You.
« Last post by Mr. Tees on May 16, 2015, 05:09:21 AM »

An African American man who appears to be a boxer of some sort, apparent from the fact he’s dressed in boxing attire sans the gloves. Is shown bound and gagged on what appears to be a medium sized concrete drive way. The man’s fist are taped with white tape and he wears a pair of shiny black trunks with white trim, his name “Fuller” is written across the front in white lettering with “MF” written as a monogram on the lower section of his trunks. His boots match his trunks and are mid length. Suddenly Mr. Goldstein comes into view dressed in a black suit with a golden silk dress shirt, black tie, black wingtip shoes. Goldstein begins speaking or rather singing.

Mr. Goldstein: (Singing to the tune of It Had To Be You By Frank Sinatra) It had to be you… it had to be you… it had to be you-who-who-who… it had to be you… through process of elimination I’ve made the determination that it had to be you. Coo, coo, ca-choo… it had to be you.

Goldstein then approaches a steam roller and hops aboard.

Mr. Goldstein: You know… I’ve watched a lot of movies and television programs with people getting run over by these things and being squashed as flat as pancakes. I often wondered if I were to run someone over with one of them in real life if the same would result… I guess we’ll find out soon enough. You fucked with the wrong guy and now you’re going to pay the ultimate price for it. I guess you wish you wouldn’t have tried to extort me now… but it’s too late and there’s no turning back. Enjoy the final few moments of your pathetic life.

Fuller struggles to try and get free or alert help but to no avail.

Goldstein: (Singing once more.) It had to be you.

Fuller hopes for some sort of daring, last minute-second rescue… and provides himself with some assurance that Jon Tees is going to step in and pull Goldstein off of him… tell Goldstein once more that he’s made a mistake and that Fuller “Couldn’t possibly be the guy Goldstein is after.”  But Fuller at this point is more or less lying to himself, like the spouse, partner or child of someone who they hate having around who gets suspended from work-school, and tells themselves that after the suspension this person who they despise and yet remain with for reasons known only to them… will return to work-school and everything will be “fine” only for the person to return to work-school and get fired-expelled with no prospects for any other employment-educational opportunities in the near future. To the person who despises them the thought of being stuck with them 24/7 is a hellish nightmare, they try and lie to themselves and say it won’t happen, and then nine times out of ten it’s the exact outcome they end up with.  But unfortunately for Mr. Fuller this is exactly the case as he’s squashed flatter than a pancake in seconds and his time on this earth comes to an abrupt end. No daring rescue or escape. No last minute reprieve. Just someone threatening to do something to him and then following through with that threat.
Goldstein jumps off of the steam roller and looks down at Fuller’s crushed, barely recognizable remains.

Mr. Goldstein: Wow!, who would have guessed that life would really imitate art here? He’s even flatter than I imagined he’d be… and one thing is for certain he won’t be making anymore harassing phone calls.

Goldstein departs the area and oddly Jon Tees and Heinrich Von Tees emerge from a secluded location. They look down at Fuller’s remains.

Heinrich Von Tees: That poor son of a bitch. He had nothing to do with Goldstein’s harassment. Should we tell Goldstein?

Mr. Tees: No need to. But this has gone far enough I think it’s time we ended this experiment.

Heinrich Von Tees: But what of Fuller and the other victims?

Tees: All will be repaired… restored to better than new condition. But this experiment has not worked out at all as planned and has gone way too far.

Heinrich Von Tees: Maybe messing with this guy’s mind was a bad idea.

Tees: Ya think… Captain obvious?

Fade out

We join Goldstein who is waking up from an apparent coma as he lies in a hospital bed. His head wrapped in bandages, his body hooked to machines. By his bedside sit his two stable mates and tag team partners Jon Tees and Heinrich Von Tees.

Goldstein: What…. What The Fuck Happened?

Tees: Relax… You’re in the hospital… you got shot in the head and were in a coma for the last couple of days… you’re all better now… new and improved you might say.

Goldstein: I had  the strangest dreams… they all seemed so real… it felt like I was losing my mind but at the same time my actions felt right… like they were somehow justified.

Tees: That’s all they were dreams… the drugs they pump into you during these medically induced comas nothing more. (Looks over and gives Von Tees a nod of some sort.)

Von Tees: Get well soon Goldstein… We’re a family and things haven’t been the same without you.

Tees: We’re going to be going now… lot of media appearances and I’d like to work on getting back into ring shape before EW officially debuts. You’ll be back at best in no time.

Goldstein: I don’t really remember being shot in the head at all but the other stuff is vivid as anything, the assaults, stabbings and murder I committed all because someone was trying to extort money from me.

Tees: Like I said all in your head from the medication.

Oddly, a nurse at that precise moment gives Goldstein a dose of something that causes him to drift off to dreamland.

Von Tees: Should we tell him?

Tees: Tell him what?

Von Tees: You know the truth?

Tees: Truth is subjective and he doesn’t need to know… his mind was somewhat broken from us toying with it… and now it’s fixed I learned that the experiment I was trying to run was futile and have abandoned it.

Fade out with Goldstein looking as though he is going to wake but then drifting back to sleep.
Elite Wrestling / The Hunt Continues
« Last post by Mr. Tees on May 06, 2015, 09:55:22 AM »
Goldstein dressed to the nines in a royal blue and white pinstripe suit with a pair of oxblood shoes and a golden color dress shirt with a black silk tie. Comes out of a fine dining establishment with two beautiful women, one on each of his arms. These women could easily be Playboy Playmates or world renowned super models. One is blonde and wearing a golden colored dress and matching high heals and the other a redhead in a black dress with matching shoes. Both dresses seem to sparkle. As the three prepare to enter into a long black stretch limo, they are approached by a shabbily dressed African American woman. The woman attracts Goldstein’s attention and hands him a small information packet that says the following.

“I am a deaf person selling deaf information packets… please purchase one… pay any price you’d like.”
Goldstein thinks for a second he could easily afford a sizeable donation. But mulling this over in his head, turns his pleasant mood to an angry one.

Mr. Goldstein: You are  deaf correct? Is that the gist of this?

The woman nods yes.

Mr. Goldstein: Well then, read my lips since you cannot hear the words coming out of my mouth…. GET A FUCKING JOB.

The two women on Goldstein’s arms laugh as the three depart into the limo.

Fade out.

Later that evening while again appearing to turn in Goldstein’s phone begins to ring. He answers.

Mr. Goldstein: Hello… Hello. Not this again.

Goldstein slams down the receiver and prepares to head off to slumber now dressed in a pair of golden colored silk pajamas with a black monogram.

The phone rings yet again… Goldstein reluctantly answers.

Goldstein: HELLO… what in tarnation do you want?

Voice: I saw what you did… to the Mexican and the old deaf woman… you are a horrible, disgrace of a human being… you don’t deserve to live and I aim to see that your miserable, pathetic excuse of a life comes to an end shortly… unless of course you pay me in which cause all will be overlooked and forgiven.
Mr. Goldstein: Just come out and tell me who you are and I’ll send you to your demise quickly and painfully… but at least it won’t last particularly long.

Voice: That’s for me to know and you to find out… but you have gotten warmer… I am indeed a roster mate in Elite Wrestling. And in fact you might even say we’re closer than you might even realize. We’ve competed in the same rings, shared the same locker rooms, dined in the same establishments and have quite the history together. But unless you pay me… soon you’ll be dead and to throw off suspicion I’ll “mourn” you the most for a while and then you’ll be forgotten you rotten, worthless, piece of shit.

Goldstein: Meet me in the locker room… tomorrow at around 3pm. You’ll have your money… this needs to stop. This sort of harassment for such a meager amount of money… hardly seems worth it.

Voice: But how can I trust you won’t try to pull something? As a matter of fact go head and try it… you won’t succeed.

Mr. Goldstein: You have my word… tomorrow at 3.

Voice: It’ll be the first of many, ten grand payments for remaining silent on your many, many, many perversions and other indiscretions.

3PM EST the next day. Wearing a black pinstripe suit with a white shirt and a black tie and black wingtip shoes Goldstein arrives at the locker room with a bag full of cash. To his surprise the person who shows up is none other than Frank Brophy, a one time tag partner, one time opponent.

Goldstein: So it is you who is blackmailing and extorting me. You want me dead and feel I’d be better off… let’s see how you enjoy being dead.

Goldstein then quickly pulls out a knife and stabs Brophy repeatedly. Brophy falls to the floor as Goldstein continues to stab him before being pulled off by Jon Tees among other people.

Tees: Again… What The Fuck Are You Doing Goldstein?

Goldstein: I found the guy… I’m going to kill the son of a bitch let me at him!.

Tees: That can’t be him… Brophy is a mute he can’t be the person threatening you. Why don’t you call the cops and hire better security this whole thing is driving you nuts. Get out of here and I’ll take care of this.

Goldstein drops the knife and leaves. Just as he walks past a payphone it rings and for some reason he picks it up.

Voice: Do you really think I’m that stupid? Just show up there alone after threatening you. I do find it funny the way you’ve made an ass of yourself and seriously injured and maimed people who were perfectly innocent.


Voice: Laughs evilly… good luck with that. You’ll be in the loony bin or prison soon enough if you keep going down this route.

Fade out.
Elite Wrestling / The Hunt Begins
« Last post by Mr. Tees on May 05, 2015, 06:45:40 PM »

We begin with an in progress assault in the locker room being conducted by Mr. Goldstein. Goldstein dressed in his wrestling gear is bashing one of the luchador wrestlers in the knee with a led pipe. The man screams and curses in Spanish as Goldstein continues the assault.

Mr. Goldstein: So you like to make prank phone calls and threaten people over the phone do you? How’s it feel to be standing (laughs evilly) I mean in the presence of the person you so “boldly” harassed and threatened over the phone? Not so tough now are you?

Goldstein again slams the man in the knee repeatedly before applying the figure four leg lock.

Goldstein: You’re never going to walk again if I have anything to say about it… and perhaps I’ll work on shutting you up once I finish with destroying this part of your anatomy.

The man howls in agony as Goldstein continues applying the figure four, people come in and try and break it up… finally Goldstein’s manager Jon Tees enters the room dressed in a black and white pinstripe suit, light blue dress shirt, sans a tie and black wingtip shoes.

What in the bloody fuck are you doing GOLDSTEIN? Knock it off … break that hold immediately!!!

Goldstein: But this man has been harassing and threatening me over the phone… I used a private eye to track him and he needs to be taught a lesson.

Tees: This man doesn’t speak English… He was a highly sought after talent out of Mexico and would have made a great edition to Elite Wrestling. I was even scouting him for a possible spot in The Syndicate.

Goldstein breaks the hold

Goldstein: My apologizes I had no idea.

Tees: What the hell is wrong with you?

Goldstein: I don’t know about you… but I personally don’t care for being harassed at home late at night especially as I’m trying to sleep after a rough day.

Tees: I understand completely… but you need to hire a better detective there isn’t any possible way this could be your guy and you’ve ruined any probability of him working here… though people like him are a dime a dozen so he could easily be replaced… but still sort of sucks that the career of an innocent man was ended for no real reason.

Goldstein: Sucks for him… but look at it this way… less competition when this place actually starts some sort of event to crown a champion.

Tees: Good point… I’ll get this mess cleaned up but you might want to get out of here.

Fade out with Goldstein leaving and Tees remaining behind.

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