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Jon Tees
« on: June 16, 2014, 06:36:58 PM »

Character Information:


Name: Jon Tees
Pic Base: Kevin Nash
Height: 6’8
Weight: 280lbs
Hometown: Trenton, NJ
Currently Resides In: Hollywood, FL


In Ring Name: Jon Tees
Ring Entrance Music Title: Die Mother Fucker Die
Ring Entrance Music Artist: Dope
Ring Entrance: “Die Mother Fucker Die” by Dope hits and Jon Tees steps through the curtain to immediate boos from the crowd. Younger children look on with a mixture of fear, astonishment and respect while older fans range from cheering to booing and shouting obscenities. Tees continues down the aisle toward the ringside area paying little to no mind to the fans he steps over the top rope and get ready to take care of business.Every now and then he is accompanied by his valet Temptress.
Alignment: Heel
Valet : Temptress

Associates: Kyle Goodburn

Misfit Move List

1.) Chokebomb
2.) Death valley driver
3.) Diving crossbody
4.) Life Constrictor (Rear Naked Choke)
5.) Body Slam whilst holding a chair
6.) Multiple stiff headbutts
7.) Multiple stiff punches
8.) Lariat
9.) Pumphandle slam
10.) Release powerbomb
11.) Swinging neckbreker
12.) The Sweaty Ball Claw- Mandible Claw applied after Tees sticks his hand down his pants.
13.) Asiatic Spike- Thumb chokehold
14.) Running, jumping or a diving knee drop
15.) Atomic drop
16.) Backbreaker rack
17.) Diving brain chop
18.) High knee strike
19.) One-armed body slam
20.) Running big boot
21.) Brainbuster suplex
22.) Curb stomp (Rollings Style)
23.) Total Non Stop Tees-Repeated Push Up Facebusters (Shelly Style)
24.) The Garotte (step over toehold w/ inverted cravate facelock)
25.) Scorpion Death Lock.

Misfit's In Ring Style:
Signature Move: The Snafu
Signature Description: Super Kick
Finisher Name: Tees Driver
Finisher Description: Tombstone Piledriver on rare occasions performed off the top rope
Finisher 2 Name: Nightmare On Tees Street
Finisher 2 Description: Argentine Backbreaker

Your Information

Real Name: Jon
Time Roleplaying: 15 Years
How did you hear about us: Hayden/Mesterio Raine
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