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Author Topic: List Of Non Player Characters (NPCS)  (Read 276 times)

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List Of Non Player Characters (NPCS)
« on: December 02, 2016, 08:39:39 AM »
Non Player Authority Figures

Tony Carter- The supposed “General Manager” though it’s quite obvious that he’s little more than a puppet on a string answering to someone far more ominous.

Mickey The Midget- The Assistant GM. Mickey speaks with inconsistent accents; sometimes British, sometimes Southern, sometimes Australian. He and Carter have an inconsistent relationship as well; sometimes they are on the same page other times not so much but they are indeed a “team”


Matt Holton-Color commentator/interviewer
Tim Thomas- Play by play man/interviewer
Rhett Logan- Interviewer/sometimes alternate or third commentator
Jeremy Rogan-In ring and backstage interviewer
Hardcore Jimmy- Ring Announcer
Sabrina Masters- Ring announcer with a dominatrix type gimmick.


Scott Fort- Rookie Ref often works opening bouts
Damien Agron- Middle ref often refs matches on the mid and lower cards. Can be bought for a price and often favors heels
Zed “The Ref” Rios- Senior Official.
Jennifer "Jenny" “No Stripes” Carbone- No non sense female ref with a lot of experience but not as much as Rios


“Dangerous” Danny Roman- Head of security a former wrestler and MMA fighter who had quite a bit of success in his day.

Jeremy Havoc- Tony Carter’s personal bodyguard. A retired wrestler and police officer, he is a non wrestler and only gets physically involved when it comes to protecting Carter from immediate physical danger so don’t expect to see him booked in matches.