Serial Fed Creators

Seriously what’s wrong with these people? They open a fed, run it for a while and then either abandon it or shut it down only to open another fed a short time later. It’s really as though these people simply cannot stop launching new feds no matter how hard they try. And let’s not forget about serial rebooters who reboot thriving feds from scratch for no particular or apparent reason. Gone are the days or so it seems when someone would start a fed and stick with it for the duration. Of course, people would relaunch and open new feds after a closure, but they’d at least wait  until the fed had been closed for a while and certainly not while it was still alive.

Phoenix Wrestling Incorporated (PWI)

Phoenix Wrestling Incorporated (PWI) Is a primarily role play based e-fed with angles coming into play on occasion to keep things interesting. The fed permits up to three characters which you can divide anyway you wish. You may portray them as a three person tag team/stable or as three individuals the choice is entirely yours. The OCC environment is very relaxed and yet entertaining. A lot of people love to joke around and have serious and engaging discussions . The role players are experienced and dedicated as are the members of the staff. These people know what they are doing and know how to properly participate in/operate an e-wrestling promotion. PWI only permits original creations and no one seems to have a problem with this it’s actually a preference for many. I would advise everyone who is looking for a

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WWF Classic.

WWF Classic  Is a hybrid based e-fed (Both role plays and angles have an effect on the outcome of matches.) set in 1993 and based on the WWF of that particular era during the early days of Monday Night Raw. Unlike other feds of it’s type, WWF Classic permits both real wrestlers who were around between 1993 and 1997 as well as original creations (often called CAW’s.) The occ environment is pretty laid back and people are given about a week and half-two weeks to role play. These is one weekly show (Monday Night Raw) and six monthly pay per views (Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, King Of The Ring, Summer Slam and Survivor Series.) and occasional super cards like live events, Saturday Night’s Main Event and Clash Of The Champions type events that aren’t exactly pay per views but aren’t Monday

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