Have Reached An Agreement (As a handler) with Louis Anthony Wrestling (Law)

I have reached an agreement with Louis Anthony Wrestling a tournament based e-fed where I will portrayed several different characters over the course of a few tournaments depending on how things go with each one of course. Characters that are successful and win will be brought back for different tournaments, but unsuccessful characters may be swapped out and replaced with ones that have better chances of winning.  

Westfile To Debut Against Jackson

Todd Westfile will make his debut in the first round tournament of Louis Anthony Wrestling against none other than the long time nemeses of his manager Jon Tees, Jeff Jackson. Tees is said to be highly optimistic about Westfile’s chances and expects him to come out on top.   “Todd is an incredible talent who has paid his dues and put in his time, in addition to this he is also younger and need I say better than Jeff Jackson. Mark my words we are going to sweep this thing.”  Tees said when reached for comment.