The Static Wrestling Federation (SWF)

The Static Wrestling Federation is a relatively new fed  that is already showing a lot of  promise. The staff and the role players are experienced and dedicated. There is a lot of potential and  opportunity here. Results are nearly always on time unless there is a valid reason for them to be delayed. The quality of the role playing and results are both spectacular. I highly recommend the fed as I was conducting this review I decided to sign with them, but I assure you the review is unbiased. Check them out for yourself if you don’t believe me.   The Static Wrestling Federation  

Tees Comments On Signing With SWF.

The rumors of my signing with the SWF are indeed true. SWF approached me with an incredible offer and I jumped at the opportunity . The money is spectacular, but that isn’t the only reason I signed with them. They are a promising up and coming promotion and I feel with my touch there is no limit to how far they could potentially go. I look forward to once more working with some old friends and enemies and of course those I have yet to receive the chance to work with.   I will indeed be functioning as both a wrestler and a manager there and hope to have a long working relationship with the company.

Deal Reached With The Static Wrestling Federation

We have received word that Jon Tees has reached an agreement with The Static Wrestling Federation. Word going around is  that Tees will work on a per appearance type of arrangement for an unspecified period of time and function in the role of both a wrestler and a manager (as typically tends to be the case.) We will keep you posted as more develops.

Taking Bookings As A Special Attraction And For Sporadic Appearances

I would be open to accept indy style bookings where I’d come in and make sporadic appearances and/or as a special attraction type of deal as any number of my current or classic characters. I would even be willing to try out new characters if there is a hole to be filled. If you are interested in booking me in your fed or discussing the possibility feel free to send me an e-mail at  

Suspending Operations on JTPW For The Time Being

Due to what I perceive to be a lack of interest, I have decided to suspend operations on Jon Tees Pro Wrestling which was my latest project for the time being. Many of the people I would have been interested in working with here, were content working for a different e-fed and I respect that and have no hard feelings. I just can’t justify actively running a fed and putting time, effort and energy into it to end up with three members and no additional prospects. People had ample time to join and didn’t. I may try again with it at a better time, rebrand it under a different name or simply put it to bed for good only time can really tell.