I have been involved in e-wrestling in some form of fashion since the latter part of 1999. I have worked as a role player, staff member, writer, booker and even owner and operator of various e-wrestling promotions during the last decade or so. Currently coming off of a semi retirement I am now once again active portraying the role of Jon Tees (a character based off of and named after myself) and several associated characters that Tees’ manages and teams with. I enjoy the game in every facet and don’t feel I could ever really truly and completely retire. Lord knows I have tried several times, “retiring” for brief –lengthy periods of only to end up returning sooner or later.


Contact Details:

E-mail: Jon@JonTees.net

Aim: Mr Jon Tees

Yahoo Instant Messenger: Jon_Tees

Msn: Jon_Tees@hotmail.com