Never Truly Understood This Can Someone Please Explain?

I never understood why certain people register on your fed’s forums, take the time to fill out and submit an application and then proceed to disappear off the face of the earth. To me this would be equivalent to someone going into a place of business in real life, filling out and submitting an application, getting a callback that they don’t respond to and the then seemingly performing a vanishing act, at least to the people whose time they wasted by applying for something they weren’t really interested in. This is a matter of opinion, but I would strongly suggest doing diligent research on a fed to find out whether it would be a fit for you prior to filling out and submitting an application. This way everyone’s time is spared. And if you change your mind later on at

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The Reason For My Absence And What I Have Been Up To.

As many of you have noticed there have been a lack of updates on this site since February of 2015. Although I have updated my archive area in terms of new role plays and updated character bios I have not posted to the main page in quite a while. To quickly update you, I have basically been dabbling in and out of E-wrestling during that time frame. I did a bit of a stint in Rampage Wrestling, took a hiatus after that closed and gave running Elite Wrestling a go over the summer. EW showed some promise, but I had to abandon it due to professional reasons. The reasons I had to pull the plug are still as valid now as they were several months ago. So really I essentially just quietly took a hiatus from E-wrestling. Whether I am

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Planned Retirements From E-Wrestling

How do you typically feel about them? This is where someone is planning to retire later in the year or early next year but may want to do some things they haven’t gotten to do before or haven’t done in a while before they call it quits. I’ve seen too many people say they are retiring to get prime angle, storyline and championship opportunities and then the time comes for them to actually retire and they “change their mind” or in some cases never intended to retire just fooled people into believing they would so they can get things they other wise might not get. It’s to me more of a I’ll believe it when it actually happens type of deal. Most retirements that stick are abrupt in my experience the person burns out and/or feels they’ve accomplished everything they

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Hard Feelings? I Don’t Even Know You.

I have never truly understood what compels a person playing a game or taking part in a hobby to harbor ill will and hard feelings toward someone they’ve never even personally met, nor have they ever had a one on one discussion with and gotten to know . Some merely disagree with the person’s political, religious or economic stance and because of this will go out of their way to avoid crossing paths with them anywhere. Others have had one or two disagreements with the person about a storyline, angle, exchanged cross words and now that person is on their own personal blacklist. I see this as a game/hobby so please enlighten me as to why some take this so damn seriously that they’ll never work with someone again because of incidents that happened years ago. Incidents that some might

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Fed’s Named After People

Dave’s Wrestling Federation was among the first that I was heavily aware of back in the late 90’s. Heavily advertised and promoted on various e-fed ranking sites, the name was everywhere. Over time more people started naming feds after themselves, their characters or individuals who had some sort of a profound impact on them. Many of these feds for one reason or another would be short lived and usually only had a niche audience/member base comprised of people who were loyal to the owner. What are your general feelings about this does it show unmitigated gull/arrogance in your view or daring to be different and add a unique touch in a world full of e-feds with similar if not the same initials and names? I really could care less about the name of the place so long as the results

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Tees Comments On Signing With SWF.

The rumors of my signing with the SWF are indeed true. SWF approached me with an incredible offer and I jumped at the opportunity . The money is spectacular, but that isn’t the only reason I signed with them. They are a promising up and coming promotion and I feel with my touch there is no limit to how far they could potentially go. I look forward to once more working with some old friends and enemies and of course those I have yet to receive the chance to work with.   I will indeed be functioning as both a wrestler and a manager there and hope to have a long working relationship with the company.

Have Reached An Agreement (As a handler) with Louis Anthony Wrestling (Law)

I have reached an agreement with Louis Anthony Wrestling a tournament based e-fed where I will portrayed several different characters over the course of a few tournaments depending on how things go with each one of course. Characters that are successful and win will be brought back for different tournaments, but unsuccessful characters may be swapped out and replaced with ones that have better chances of winning.  

Serial Fed Creators

Seriously what’s wrong with these people? They open a fed, run it for a while and then either abandon it or shut it down only to open another fed a short time later. It’s really as though these people simply cannot stop launching new feds no matter how hard they try. And let’s not forget about serial rebooters who reboot thriving feds from scratch for no particular or apparent reason. Gone are the days or so it seems when someone would start a fed and stick with it for the duration. Of course, people would relaunch and open new feds after a closure, but they’d at least wait  until the fed had been closed for a while and certainly not while it was still alive.