Name: Jon Tees
Email: Jon@JonTees.net

Name: Das Ungeheuer (The Monster)
Nickname(s):The Monster,The German Giant, The German Nightmare,The Kaiser,The Head Beast

Picture Base: Nathan Jones
Height: 7’0
Weight: 350LBS
Hometown: Mitte, West Berlin, Germany
Persona: Angry, hate filled prick who doesn’t care for anyone and is unpleasant to be around.

Wrestling Style: Power/Brawler
Alignment: Monster Heel
Associates: Jon Tees (Father/Manager/Tag Partner) Mr. Goldstein (Uncle/Tag Partner)
Finisher Name(s) [Max of Two]: 1.) Todeshändler (Death Dealer)- Cut-Throat Burning Hammer, 2.) Das Gewaltsame Ende (The Violent End) (Super Brainbuster – dropping opponent’s head on top turnbuckle, El Generico style).
Theme Song: [‘Mein Teil’] by Rammstein
Biography: The son of the legendary Jon Tees… Das Ungeheuer is far more vicious and ruthless than his father ever was. His name translates to “The Monster” and it’s a name he more than lives up to inside of that ring. Das Ungeheuer proves that monsters really exists and nightmares really can come true.

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