Handler Info
First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 14 Years
Messengers: Mr Jon Tees (Aim) Jon_Tees (Yim) Jon_Tees@hotmail.com (MSN)
How did you hear about NWF: Already here

Character Info

Name: Jason Crawford
Height: 6’6
Weight: 260lbs
Hometown:St. Johns, New Foundland, Canada,
Alignment: Face
Manager: Temptress
Bodyguard: Big Phil
Wrestling Style: Well Rounded and Versed in different styles
Entrance Music: Dross-The Smashing Pumpkins
Wrestling Outfit: Solid color (usually red, white, blue, green or black) ring trunks with a Canadian flag on the front and the name Crawford written across the back. If his trunks are any other color but white the lettering is usually white, if he’s using white trunks the lettering is either black or red.) solid black knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads and boots.
Backstage Outfit: Different kinds of suits and casual ware prides himself on his appearance but isn’t overly obsessed with it.
Physical Appearance: Curtis Axel/Joe Henning

Entrance Description -:
“Dross” blares across the pa system as Jason Crawford makes his way out along with Temptress and Big Phil . The cheers are absolutely overwhelming as the three make their way out with Crawford at the center and Phil and Temptress on the right and left respectively each slightly behind Crawford . They pose and slap hands with the fans for a while before they finally reach the ringside area, Crawford enters the ring while Temptress and Big Phil take their place at ringside.

Personality: Cocky and arrogant but the fans love him and he gets the job done when push comes to shove.

Brief Bio: Little to nothing is known about him aside from what he has informed people of. He is supposedly a fifth generation wrestler and a member of the famous Crawford wrestling family. However he never knew which member of the family was his biological father as he was born and raised to a single mother in Canada.

Crawford is a former trainee and associate of Jon Tees. Tees trained, mentored and managed Crawford for much of his early wrestling career until the point where Tees divorced his wife Temptress. In an odd twist Temptress managed to secure the contracts of Big Phil and Jason Crawford in the divorce. Crawford was reluctant at first, but would come to Temptress’ aid as Tees and his current associates were planning to assault her solidifying his new found and somewhat unfamiliar role as a fan favorite.


1. Brush With Greatness-Top Rope Powerbomb
2. Nightmare On Crawford Street- Senton Bomb

Signature Moves
1. Super kick
2. Painkiller (Fujiwara Armbar)
3. Lights Out (Rolling Cutter)

Regular Moves (List At Least 10 but no more than 25 and keep it realistic)

1.Lariat (goes for the throat or forehead – particularly devastating)
2. Stiff striking
3. Heal Hook
4. All suplex and brain buster variations
5. Eye Rake
6. Back Rake
7. Low Blow/Canadian Crab-Elevated Crab used alternatively when bending/breaking the rules is not possible.
8. Different Drop Kick combinations
9. All DDT Variations
10. Sleeper hold

Poses/Taunts: Joe Hennig/Curtis Axel


TemptationWikipedia: Temptation is the desire to perform an action that one may enjoy immediately or in the short term but will probably later regret for various reasons: legal, social, psychological (including feeling guilt), health-related, economic, etc.