Handler Info

First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 14 Years
Messengers: Jon_Tees (Yim) Mr Jon Tees (Aim) Jon_Tees@hotmail.com (MSN)
How did you hear about NWF: Own It/already here

Character Info
Name: Big Phil
Physical Description: Nathan Jones- Phil stands over 7 feet tall and weighs in excess of 350lbs is very muscular and imposing
Outfit: Varies between the outfit in the photos and other suits/casual attire
Entrance Music: “Here to Stay” By Korn
Brief Bio: A former mercenary and solider from Northern Ireland, Big Phil later made the transition over to professional wrestling where he was rather successful in various promotions in various parts of the world. Phil now retired from the ring works as the bodyguard/enforcer of Jason Crawford and Temptress.

Associates: Jason Crawford and Temptress