Character Info
Name: Jason Crawford
Height: 6’6
Weight: 260lbs
Age: 24
Hometown: St. Johns, New Foundland, Canada,
Alignment: Heel
Manager: Jon Tees
Wrestling Style: Well rounded with a heavy focus on technical and power wrestling.
Entrance Music: “Dross”-The Smashing Pumpkins
Wrestling Outfit: Black tights with royal blue slashing (sort of design) (see picture) solid black wrist guards and/or elbow pads, knee pads and boots
Backstage Outfit: Expensive custom made suits in typical fashion of people who associate with Jon Tees. When away from work he’ll dress casually but still in a stylish manner.
Physical Appearance: Short hair, neatly groomed facial hair (beard) well built and in fantastic shape.

Entrance Description:
“Dross” hits and Jason Crawford makes his way out along with his manager Jon Tees. Crawford does his basic taunt of spreading his arms apart and letting out sort of a roar followed by a look of intensity as Tees accompanies him to ringside with a smug expression on his face. Once there Tees takes his position at the ringside area as Crawford gets into the ring and prepares for business.

Personality: Somewhat cocky and arrogant but at the same time a blue chip athlete. He is a fifth generation wrestler who wants to honor the legacies of his family but at the same time cement his own.

Brief Bio: Little to nothing is known about him aside from what he has informed people of.  He is supposedly a fifth generation wrestler and an associate of Jon Tees. Rumor has it that Crawford is currently being groomed to be Tees’ successor when/if he ever finally decides to step down. He (Crawford) knows that he was sired by a prominent member of The Crawford Wrestling Family but is not sure which member. Tees became like a second father figure to him over the years as well.

Championships & Accomplishments:


Coming Soon


1. Crawford-Plex- Bridging Fisherman Suplex
2. Brush With Greatness- Top Rope Powerbomb

Signature Moves
1. Backbreaker
2. Belly to belly suplex
3. Close line often delivered to the back of the opponents head
4. Rolling Neck Snap sometimes performed from the second rope

Common Moves
1. Diving Axe handle elbow drop
2. Diving Cross Body
3. Dropkick
4. Sliding Closeline
5. Saito suplex
6. Back rake
7. Eye rake
8. Low Blow when the ref isn’t looking/ Knife Edge chops

Poses/Taunts: Spreading his arms apart and letting out sort of a roar, a look of intensity, mocking his opponent to get up verbally and with body language.