Handler Info
First Name: Jon
E-Fed Experience: 14 Years
Messengers (MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ): Mr Jon Tees (Aim) Jon_Tees (Yim) (MSN)
How did you hear about FE: Tony B.

Character Info
Name: Jon Tees or Mr. Tees
Height: 6’8
Weight: 280lbs
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Alignment: Heel
Wrestling Style:Dirty, Powerhouse
Entrance Music: Die Mother Fucker Die- Dope
Wrestling Outfit:Black leather Kevin Nash style pants, leather boots, black grappling gloves and a Nash style top that says “Tees” across the front.
Backstage Outfit: Expensive style suits with “Tees” written across the back of the sport coat in diamonds. Or other very expensive, stylish clothing.
Physical Appearance (hair color, length, etc.): Shoulder length brown hair that is often slicked back or kept in a ponytail, brown eyes, sometimes he’s clean shaven others he has a goatee.

Entrance Description -: “Die Mother Fucker Die” by Dope hits and Jon Tees steps through the curtain to immediate boos from the crowd. Younger children look on with a mixture of fear, astonishment and respect while older fans range from cheering to booing and shouting obscenities. Tees continues down the aisle toward the ringside area paying little to no mind to the fans he steps over the top rope and get ready to take care of business.

Personality: Ruthless and arrogant. Think’s he’s the greatest thing going today and willing to stoop to just about any length to prove it.

Brief Bio: Jon Tees is a prolific wrestler-manager and promoter with nearly 15 years of experience in this game. There isn’t much that Tees hasn’t accomplished in his legendary career. He’s defeated the best and the so called best time and time again and is a multi time world and tag team champion, in addition to holding numerous second and third tier championships in a wide variety of promotions. He now comes here to the FE for one reason and one reason only, to either become FE champion himself and/or to guide one of his charges to becoming champion. But either way he has his sights set on the prestigious FE championship. But don’t think he’s forgotten about the other championships as well.

Outside of wrestling Tees owns and operates numerous businesses and is quite the entrepreneur. Businesses ranging from restaurants, to gym’s to nightclubs.


1. Tees Driver- Cut throat burning hammer
2. Heart Punch- Basically punches the opposing wrestler directly in the heart.

Signature Moves
1.Jacknife Powerbomb
2.Brainbuster suplex
3. TNT (Total Non stop Tees)- Push Up Face Buster – Alex Shelley’s Press ups with the head of a face-down opponent trapped between Tees’ Legs.

Regular Moves
1.Painkiller (Fujiwara Armbar)
2.Lariat (goes for the throat or forehead – particularly devastating)
3.Sin City Crab (Elevated Crab)
4.Lights Out (Rolling Cutter)
5.Heal Hook
6.Stiff headbutts (I-Block-Your-Punch-You-Don’t-Block-My-Headbutt),
7.The Garotte (step over toehold w/ inverted cravate facelock),
8.Curb Stomp (Super Dragon holding arms style)
9.DDT, Sliding D (opponent seated, Tees hits the ropes and comes off with a sliding STIFF forearm to the mush),
10.Top-rope Diving Headbutt,

Poses/Taunts: Mocking his opponent by making sarcastic gestures that he’s afraid of them, throat slashing motion, running his fingers through his hair/flicking his hair back.