Handler Info
First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 15 Wonderful Years
Messengers: You Know Them But I’m Mainly On Facebook
How did you hear about AWE: Already Here.

Character Info
Name: Mike Roberts (also referred to as  Iron Mike Roberts Or Mean Mike Roberts)
Height:  6’5
Weight: 275lbs
Hometown: Red Deer, Alberta Canada
Alignment: Disingenuous Face. Technically he is a face through association mainly but his good guy act often seems forced like it doesn’t come naturally.
Manager: Jon Tees
Wrestling Style: Power/Submission
Entrance Music: “Here To Stay” By Korn
Wrestling Outfit: Simple long  black wrestling trunks with white or gold trim and the name “Roberts” written across the back in the same color as the trim, black grappling gloves, and black boots often with the monograph “MR” written in a color that matches the trim on his trunks.
Backstage Outfit: Everything from designer suits to windbreaker pants and Mike Roberts T-shirts. Often wears avatar sunglasses.
Pic Base: Brock Lesnar

Entrance Description: “Here To Stay” hits and Mike Roberts comes out to the stage to a mixed reaction often times with Jon Tees in tow. He flails his fists in an angry manner and his expression changes, he begins playfully taunting the fans and switching back and forth between being an amused happy go lucky oaf and seeming as though he’s going to kill someone. He reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron, enters and proceeds to prepare for battle as Tees heads toward ringside.

Personality: Not really a natural nice or good guy, Roberts is being paid to be a fan favorite so that’s what he’ll try to be even though it’s far from his natural state. He’s often in an angry or grouchy mood but occasionally he’ll crack a smile usually when he’s inflicting pain and injury on someone.

Brief Bio: He grew up working on an oil rig and Alberta and would eventually find his way to the states where he worked as a bodyguard and enforcer for various mafia figures. He eventually crossed paths with wrestling promoter Jon Tees, who would  become his manager  and would make his way through the indies in dominating fashion.


1. The Final Judgment- Spin Out Fireman’s Carry Facebuster (F-5)
2. Kimura Lock

Signature Moves

1. Lariat (goes for the throat or forehead)
2.  Backbreaker
3.  Side bearhug

Regular Moves (List At Least 10 can be more but keep it realistic)

1.  Over the shoulder single leg Red Deer (Boston) Crab
2.  Double or triple non release power bomb
3.  Fireman’s carry sit out powerbomb
4.  Knee Lift to mid section
5. Biting
6. Eye/back rake
7. Low Blow
8.  Multiple Suplex Variations
9.  Repeated turnbuckle thrusts
10. Powerslam
11. Rear Naked Choke
12. Running corner shoulder block
13. Shooting Star Press
14. Standing double leg take down usually followed up with mounted punches or forearms

: Mocking/laughing at his opponents, beating his chest, flailing his fists, and making mocking or intimidating facial expressions.