Name: Jon Tees
Email: Jon@JonTees.net

Name: Mr. Goldstein
Nickname(s): The Undisputable
Picture Base: Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Height: 6’5
Weight: 245lbs
Hometown: Garden, Grove, California
Currently Resides: Seasonal Residences-San José, Costa Rica-Winter Residence, Palm Beach Florida-Spring Residence, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts-Summer Residence, Beverly Hills, California-Autumn Residence.
Persona: Arrogant, cocky, snobbish, pompous with the ability to back it all up. He comes from a wealthy family and has never wanted for anything. He sees everyone who isn’t as well off as himself as being beneath him.

Wrestling Style: Well rounded can wrestle, brawl and match strength with the best. Can also get pretty low down and dirty when he wants/needs to.
Alignment: Heel
Manger: Jon Tees
Tag Team Partners: on Tees, Das Ungeheuer (The Monster)
Finisher Name(s): Figure Four Leg Lock, Stiff Diving Elbow Drop
Finisher Description(s): Standard Figure Four with added torque due to Goldstein’s size and power, a top rope diving elbow drop with amped up force due to the size of Goldstein.
Theme Song: “Beethoven’s 5th”by Beethoven.
Biography: Mr. Goldstein was born into a wealthy Jewish family. As a result he has had the best of everything for his entire life. The best education, the best clothing and the best training when he decided to become involved in professional wrestling. Because of his being raised to believe himself to be better than everyone else, he has a superiority complex where he truly believes that everyone else is beneath him. He now comes here to the PWI after having wrestled internationally for many, many years. He has high hopes and grand expectations.

Goldstein is said to have an extensive history teaming with and being managed by his brother in law Jon Tees but many people who know Tees don’t have any knowledge or memory of Goldstein ever being present previously. Goldstein also helped train Tees’ son Das Ungeheuer (The Monster) whom he now teams with in addition to Tees as part of The Syndicate.