Handler Info
First Name: Jon
E-Fed Experience: 14 Years
Messengers: Mr Jon Tees (Aim), Jon_Tees (Yahoo) (MSN)
How did you hear about WWF: Already Work Here.

Character Info
Name: James Robert Goldstein (Goes By Mr. Goldstein)
Nickname: The Undisputable
Height: 6’5
Weight: 245lbs
Hometown: Garden Grove, California
Currently Resides: Seasonal Residences-San José, Costa Rica-Winter Residence, Palm Beach Florida-Spring Residence, Hyannis Port, Massachusetts-Summer Residence, Beverly Hills, California-Autumn Residence.
Alignment: Heel
Manager: Big Daddy Tees
Wrestling Style: Well rounded can wrestle, brawl and match strength with the best. Can also get pretty low down and dirty when he wants/needs to.
Entrance Music: ”Beethoven’s 5th” by Beethoven.
Wrestling Outfit: Either black trunks with “Goldstein” written across the back in gold lettering or gold trunks with “Goldstein” written across the back in black lettering. He’ll wear gold or black boots with either attire. Doesn’t wear wrist tape, elbow or knee pads.
Backstage Outfit: Expensive custom made suits always looks like a million bucks. Alternatively he’ll wear rather expensive and finely detailed robes over top of his ring attire.
Physical Appearance: Long blonde hair which he keeps neatly groomed and tends to slick back to an extent. Keeps his body in excellent physical condition and is fairly powerful.

Entrance Description: Beethoven’s 5th hits and the crowd instantly erupts in a chorus of boos. Mr. Goldstein makes his way out along with Big Daddy Tees. Goldstein is sporting a solid gold robe. He walks down the aisle gazing upon the fans with a look of disdain and arrogance as though he is better than them. Many of them try and touch him but he simply brushes them off and continues his march toward the ringside area as the music plays. Goldstein enters the ring and removes his robe. He gives it to the ring attendant with strict instructions that if anything happens to his robe something sure is hell is going to happen to them. He awaits the bell… as Tees takes his place at ringside.

Personality: Arrogant, cocky, snobbish, pompous with the ability to back it all up. He comes from a wealthy family and has never wanted for anything. He sees everyone who isn’t as well off as himself as being beneath him.

Brief Bio: Mr. Goldstein was born into a wealthy Jewish family. As a result he has had the best of everything for his entire life. The best education, the best clothing and the best training when he decided to become involved in professional wrestling. Because of his being raised to believe himself to be better than everyone else, he has a superiority complex where he truly believes that everyone else is beneath him. He now comes here to the WWF after being a standout athlete in the private high school and college that he attended. He has high hopes and grand expectations.

Goldstein is said to have been a dominate force in several territorial and international promotions before arriving here in the big time. Big Daddy Tees is said to be elated with the signing.


1. Figure Four Leg Lock
2. Stiff Diving Elbow Drop

Signature Moves
1. Piledriver
2. Various stiff elbow and forearm attacks.
3. Chop blocks and various other striking attacks delivered to the legs, knees and ankles of his opponents in an effort to soften them up for the figure four.

Regular Moves (List At Least 10 but no more than 25 and keep it realistic)

1. All suplex variations
2. Low blow {used when ref isn’t looking}
3. Clothesline
4. Boston Crab
5. Kitchen Sink
6. Abdominal Stretch
7. Rear chin lock
8. Scoop slam
9. Neck breaker
10. Knees to the midsection
11. Knife Edge chops
12. Fish hook
13. Eye rake
14. Back Rake
15. Camel clutch
16. Sleeper Hold
17. Arm drag
18. Drop kick
19. Shoulder Block
20. Stiff Irish Whip

Poses/Taunts: Looking down his nose at everyone, taunting his opponent by motioning them to “come on” or making obscene gestures by making an upper cut motion and crossing his arms. Raising his elbow before delivering one of his elbow attacks.