Name: Marvin Fuller

Nickname: Marvelous Marvin Fuller

Height: 5’11

Weight: 230lbs

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Billed From: “The Mean And Nasty Streets Of Trenton, NJ”

Alignment: Heel

Gimmick: A former boxer who had quite a bit of success prior to being banned from boxing for various forms of misconduct. He now wishes to give professional wrestling a go.

Personality: Nasty and unpleasant person. Can go from bullying and tormenting someone for his own amusement to beating  the crap out of them in an angry rage. Regardless of his mood he’s someone anyone with any sense and who doesn’t absolutely have to be around will prefer to avoid.

Wrestling Style 1: Technical

Wrestling Style 2: Brawler-Dirty-Boxing

Alliance(s): Tony Carter who functions as his “agent” and other people Carter associates with. Anyone outside of his circle prefers to avoid him and he doesn’t go out of his way to be friendly to them either.

Manager(s): Tony Carter

Build: Muscular in terrific shape. Mike Tyson in the mid-late 80’s if you need a visual

Ring Entrance: “Natural Born Killaz” hits and Fuller makes his way out initially with a cocky look on his face. This look of cockiness is then replaced by a nasty scowl and a look of intensity like he wants to kill someone. He proceeds making his way down the aisle along with Tony Carter paying little to no attention to any of the fans. He enters the ring and prepares to take care of business as Carter heads to ringside.

Biography: Fuller was a highly successful amateur and professional boxer, however he would eventually be banned from boxing for biting off the nose of an opponent. Interesting enough in his come back fight after serving a four year prison stint for brutally beating a woman he was involved with. Oddly, he grew up in a middle class loving but strict two parent family. Frequently in fights because of his lisp, a belief that he wasn’t “black enough” and the fact that he had a gap tooth, he would eventually parlay his fighting ability into a successful amateur career winning gold gloves and medals and eventually championship titles as a pro. Due to not really having anywhere else to turn he now comes here looking to make a transition to professional wrestling. Originally managed by the legendary Jon Tees his contract would eventually be given to Tees’ successor Tony Carter after Tees retired.

Move List(The More The Better)

1. TKO- (Technical Knock Out) fireman’s carry cutter
2. Simply Marvelous/The One Punch Knock Out-A powerful uppercut  that instantly knocks out the opposing wrestler ala fighting Mike Tyson/Mr. Dream on Punch-Out!!

Signature Moves
1. Marvelocity-Shooting Star Press
2. Low Blow (when the ref isn’t looking usually but it doesn’t matter if they are)
3.  Sweet Dreams- Left handed knock out hook.

Regular Moves (List At Least 10 can be more but keep it realistic)

1. Boxing combination punches
2. Eye Gouge
3. Knees To Mid Section
4. Fish Hook
5. All suplex variations
6.  All DDTs
7. Kimura Lock
8. Rear naked choke
9.  Stiff Headbutts
10. Biting

Poses/Taunts: Kissing his flexed left bicep, motioning for his opponent to bring it, pointing and laughing at his opponent and doing “The Fuller Shuffle” which is more or less his version of the Ali shuffle

Manager Details.


Name: Anthony Michael Carter
Pic Base: Paul Heyman (circa 1980’s)
Height: 6’4
Weight: 240lbs
Hometown: Graham, North Carolina
Currently Resides In: Same


In Ring Name: Tony Carter, Tony C, Tony “The C” or “Mr. Wrestling Tony C”
Ring Entrance Music Title: The Wanderer
Ring Entrance Music Artist: Dion
Ring Entrance: “The Wanderer” hits and Tony Carter makes his way out with a combination of arrogant and nervous expressions on his face. He mocks and jaws with the fans as he heads down to the ringside area being booed out of the building complete with trash being thrown at him.
Alignment: Heel
Associates: Marvelous Marvin Fuller And Bruiser Brophy

Move List
Distracting the ref
Low blow
Hooking the tights
Pulling the leg
Using a weapon himself or tossing it to his client
Cheap shots delivered to the opposing wrestler when the ref isn’t looking.

In Ring Style:Manager/brawler/martial arts
Signature Move: Carter Lock
Signature Description: Poorly executed figure four leglock.
Finisher Name: Carter Cutter
Finisher Description: Deadlock Driver- Poorly executed
Finisher 2 Name: Weapon shot
Finisher 2 Description: Carter hits the opponent/clients opponent with whatever weapon he can get his hands on.

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