Handler Info
First Name: Jon
Email: Jon@JonTees.net
E-Fed Experience: 14 Years
Messengers: Jon_Tees@hotmail.com (Msn), Jon_Tees (Yahoo), Mr Jon Tees (Aim)
How did you hear about WWF: Already work here

Character Info

Name:Terry Funk
Height: 6’1
Weight: 247lbs
Hometown: The Double Cross Ranch, Amarillo, Texas.
Alignment: Face
Manager: “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart
Wrestling Style: Technical, Brawler
Entrance Music: “Fanfare for the Common Man” by Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Wrestling Outfit: Triple hue barber pole striped tights with a black trunk overlay, a cut up Funk U t-shirt, and a red or black headband. Black boots with the occasional monogram, black knee pads, and hand and wrist tape.
Backstage Outfit: Depends on the situation if he’s being interviewed backstage he’ll just wear his ring attire., if he’s out on the town or appearing on a scheduled interview his look can appear formal to casual in terms of the kinds of things that he’ll typically wear.
Physical Appearance: Well groomed goatee/beard with often long, wild looking hair.

Entrance Description: “Fanfare For The Common Man” Hits and Terry Funk makes his way out to cheers from the crowd. Funk initially has a stoic or serious/angry expression on his face but as he gazes out upon the crowd he cracks a smile. He and Hart make their way down the aisle slapping and shaking hands with several of the fans. Funk enters the ring and runs the ropes a bit as Hart takes his place at ringside.

Personality: Grizzled veteran who has been through quite a few wars. He’s had a love-hate relationship with the fans over the years but there is mutual respect. Funk is usually very calm and laid back but has been known to have a bit of a temper when provoked.

Brief Bio: Terry Funk is A man who needs no introduction and is without a doubt a living legend everywhere he goes. Initially trained by his father Dory Sr. Funk has had a long and illustrious career winning championships everywhere he has ever competed both as part of tag teams and a singles competitor. Earlier this year Funk returned to the WWF as a member of Big Daddy Tees’ Syndicate and managed to win the Intercontinental championship as a member of the group. After some soul searching and not liking where things were going in his career and life, he walked away from the group and severed ties with Tees taking the reformed Jimmy Hart as his new manager.

Titles & Accomplishments: WWF Intercontinental Champion (1X)


1. Spinning Toe Hold
2.Texas Pile driver

Signature Moves
1. Brain Buster
2. Rolling Moonsault
3. Punching combination.

Regular Moves
1. Stunner
2.Double underhook suplex
3.Hangman’s neckbreaker
4. Different Back Breaker Variations
5. Atomic Drop
6.Outside cradle
7.Sleeper Hold
8.Snap DDT
10. Russian Leg Sweep.

Poses/Taunts: Terry Funk

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