Tag Team/Stable’s Name: The Syndicate
Tag Team/Stable’s Members: Jon Tees, Das Ungeheuer and Mr. Goldstein (Combination of any two or all three)
Tag Team/Stable’s Alignment: Heel
Tag Team/Stable’s Finishers (if any): Final Destination/Execution Style/Spike Piledriver
Finisher Description: One member hooks an inverted cloverleaf on opponent’s legs and lifts him in the air. The other member grabs the front face-lock, and the two deliver a sick spike DDT.), One member will place the opposing wrestler in a pile driver position and the other member will come off of the top rope and help drive the opponent down
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNtzEqa0RIU&search=Pain%20Inc
Theme Song: “Damage Inc.” by Metallica.

Other notes: This is both a three man tag team and a three man stable.