Faction Name: The Syndicate also referred to as The Family informally.
Current Members: Big Daddy Tees (Leader and manager) ,Mr. Goldstein and Jushin Thunder Liger
Former Members: Terry Funk
Manager: Big Daddy Tees
Theme Music: “Damage Inc.” By Metallica
Signature move: Triple Power bomb
Entrance: “Damage Inc.” hits and the members of The Syndicate make their way out to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Tees takes the center position on his left stands Jushin Liger and on his right stands Mr. Goldstein but all are slightly behind Tees. He leads the group toward the ringside area and enters the ring first followed by the other two- men.
Championships & Accomplishments: WWF Championship- Tees (1x), Royal Rumble Victory- Tees (1x), Intercontinental Championship- Funk (1x)

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