Wrestler Info:

Pic Base: The Undertaker (As The Lord Of Darkness)

Ring Name: The Wraith

Real Name: Rick Tees

Current Moniker: Death Incarnate, The Reaper, The King Of Fucking Darkness.

Former Monikers: none

Height: 6(ft) 10(in.)

Weight: 300(lbs)

Hometown: Death Valley, California

Theme Music: “The Wraith” By ICP

Alignment: Heel

Manager: Jon Tees

Basic moves

 1. Choke slam

2. Claw hold

3. Arm Twist Rope Walk Chop

4. Ballistic Punching Combination

5. Guillotine leg drop onto the chest or back of an apron-hung opponent

6. Flying Closeline/Running flying clothesline, sometimes with a cornered opponent

7. Missile Drop Kick

8. Snake Eyes followed by a running big boot

9. Over the top rope suicide dive

10. Standing Dragon sleeper

11. Brain Trauma: Wraith gets a light tube and throws it at the opponent, the opponent catches it right in front of there face and Wraith sidekicks the tube into their head shattering the tube all over their face

12. Duality- Wraith puts the opponent into the corner, Wraith then puts a ladder over them so they are trapped in the corner with their head sticking out, Wraith then puts a steel chair in front of their face and gets another chair and hits the chair in front of their face at full force driving the chair into the opponent’s skull.

13. Exploiting their weakness: Wraith will put their leg in a ladder so they can’t move, the opponent tries to struggle but he can’t get loose, Wraith then gets any weapon he can find (Steel Chair, Sledge Hammer, Light Tubes etc…) he then repeatedly hits the opponents leg which is caught in the ladder.

14. Blaze of Glory: *note: Wraith rarely uses this unless he is in really big trouble in a match or really hates his opponent* Wraith gets two chairs and sets them up facing each other, Wraith then gets a plank of wood and puts it over the chairs, Wraith then gets 2-3 light tubes and puts them on the plank of wood, Wraith gets a bag of thumbtacks and spreads it all over the light tubes then pours gasoline on the tubes and lights it on fire, Wraith then rock bottoms his opponent onto the tubes that are on fire.

15. Steel 450: Wraith puts the chair on the opponent and goes to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps off doing a 450 splash onto the chair which drives the chair into the opponent.

16. Ultimate Bulldog: Wraith sets up a chair in the middle of the ring, Wraith gets his opponents and puts them in a headlock, Wraith then runs and jumps over the chair letting go of the opponents head right when there at the top of the chair crashing their heads into the steel chair.

17. Fujiwara armbar[

18. Wrist lock followed by multiple shoulder blocks

19. Reverse STO

20. Running DDT

Signature moves

1: The Death Touch- (Heart Punch)

2: The Exit Pass- (Last Ride Style Power Bomb in which he tosses the opposing wrestler across or out of the ring. )


1: The Final Destination (Tombstone Piledriver sometimes performed from the top rope)

2: Hell’s Gate (Modified gogoplata)


Background story:  A dark and menacing figure The Wraith believes himself to be the incarnation of death itself. Feeling wronged in the past he has returned to extract his revenge on anyone and everyone who crosses his path.