Character Information:

Name: Todd Westfile

Real Name: Todd Westfile

Pic Base: John Turturro as John Shooter from Rear Window

Ring Entrance Music Title: Nightmare On Elm Street Prologue/Main Theme

Ring Entrance Music Artist: Charles Bernstein

Height: 6’6

Weight: 260lbs

Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina

Current Residence: Same

Alignment: Heel

Manager: Jon Tees

Tag Partner: None he’s a complete loner

Stable: None

Wrestler Move List:

1.) Chokebomb
2.) Death valley driver
3.) Diving crossbody
4.) Life Constrictor (Rear Naked Choke)
5.) Body Slam whilst holding a chair
6.) Multiple stiff headbutts
7.) Multiple stiff punches
8.) Lariat
9.) Pumphandle slam
10.) Release powerbomb
11.) Swinging neckbreker
12.) The Sweaty Ball Claw- Mandible Claw applied after he sticks his hand down his pants.
13.) Asiatic Spike- Thumb chokehold
14.) Running, jumping or a diving knee drop
15.) Atomic drop
16.) Backbreaker rack
17.) Diving brain chop
18.) High knee strike
19.) One-armed body slam
20.) Running big boot

Finisher: Unpleasant Dreams- A modified sleeper hold that is more or less a choke with theatrics. He gets this crazed look in his eyes as he applies it.

Signature One: Violence Party-  Multiple punches to an opponent in the turnbuckle followed by multiple foot stomps to opponent seated in corner

Signature Two: Choose Death – Sidewalk Slam on top of two folded steel chairs placed back to back

Signature Three: Closeline From Hell– A brutal and stiff lariat that nearly takes the opponents head off.

Style: Dirty/Technical Brawler

Handler Information:

Real Name: Jon

E-mail Address:

Time Role Playing: 14 Years