Fed’s Named After People

Dave’s Wrestling Federation was among the first that I was heavily aware of back in the late 90’s. Heavily advertised and promoted on various e-fed ranking sites, the name was everywhere. Over time more people started naming feds after themselves, their characters or individuals who had some sort of a profound impact on them. Many of these feds for one reason or another would be short lived and usually only had a niche audience/member base comprised of people who were loyal to the owner. What are your general feelings about this does it show unmitigated gull/arrogance in your view or daring to be different and add a unique touch in a world full of e-feds with similar if not the same initials and names?

I really could care less about the name of the place so long as the results are decent, the environment is active and the management is fair. I truly believe many of the fed’s named after people that failed did so because of the same reasons that also plague feds that are named after places or have general names.

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