Hard Feelings? I Don’t Even Know You.

I have never truly understood what compels a person playing a game or taking part in a hobby to harbor ill will and hard feelings toward someone they’ve never even personally met, nor have they ever had a one on one discussion with and gotten to know . Some merely disagree with the person’s political, religious or economic stance and because of this will go out of their way to avoid crossing paths with them anywhere. Others have had one or two disagreements with the person about a storyline, angle, exchanged cross words and now that person is on their own personal blacklist. I see this as a game/hobby so please enlighten me as to why some take this so damn seriously that they’ll never work with someone again because of incidents that happened years ago. Incidents that some might consider petty.

I’ve seen people leave e-feds flat abandoning them even when they were in the middle of things just because a certain person or certain people that they didn’t care for joined honest to goodness.


Heavy Bags and Free Standing Bags

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