Never Truly Understood This Can Someone Please Explain?

I never understood why certain people register on your fed’s forums, take the time to fill out and submit an application and then proceed to disappear off the face of the earth. To me this would be equivalent to someone going into a place of business in real life, filling out and submitting an application, getting a callback that they don’t respond to and the then seemingly performing a vanishing act, at least to the people whose time they wasted by applying for something they weren’t really interested in. This is a matter of opinion, but I would strongly suggest doing diligent research on a fed to find out whether it would be a fit for you prior to filling out and submitting an application. This way everyone’s time is spared. And if you change your mind later on at least notify the owner as opposed to just disappearing as if you do the latter too often you may develop a reputation as a “flake” even if you really aren’t one. Know what I mean?

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