Planned Retirements From E-Wrestling

How do you typically feel about them? This is where someone is planning to retire later in the year or early next year but may want to do some things they haven’t gotten to do before or haven’t done in a while before they call it quits. I’ve seen too many people say they are retiring to get prime angle, storyline and championship opportunities and then the time comes for them to actually retire and they “change their mind” or in some cases never intended to retire just fooled people into believing they would so they can get things they other wise might not get. It’s to me more of a I’ll believe it when it actually happens type of deal. Most retirements that stick are abrupt in my experience the person burns out and/or feels they’ve accomplished everything they can accomplish or has done this for far too long and it’s over like that or a short time later.

This is something you walk away from when the time is right. You certainly wouldn’t retire from playing video games or softball in your spare time unless you did these things professionally. Same type of deal here, it’s a hobby/game that is intended to be fun when it isn’t you simply stop playing but I wouldn’t consider that a retirement in the purest sense.

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