Fireworks and pyro shoot off as the camera pans around The Manhattan Center In New York City as “Set The Night On Fire” By The Doors Plays. Various signs are shown, signs that say things like “Marry me Temptress”, “Erik Defoe For President.” “Deport Tees” and so on. The announcers check in on commentary as the music stops Tim Thomas speaks first.

Tim Thomas: Welcome everyone to the Manhattan center, welcome to New York City. Welcome To Wednesday Night Revolution!!!

Rhett Logan: Twenty Years ago Monday Night Raw debuted in this building and tonight Wednesday Night Revolution does the same. Fasten your seatbelts gentlemen you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Matt Holton: Oh, Brother! What did I do to get stuck with you two morons?

Tim Thomas: Let’s get to ringside and the beautiful and talented Sabrina Masters our first match is about to begin.

Matt Holton: Sabrina Masters’ isn’t talented her only supposed talent is in the bedroom and we can’t go into details about that with these children in the audience. And by the way who would bring children to a NWF Show? This place isn’t the WWE.

The Camera focuses on Sabrina Masters standing in the ring dressed in a pair of leather boots, black pants and a black, leather halter top she begins with the ring introductions.

Sabrina Masters: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first round contest in the NWF Championship tournament. Introducing first he hails from Detroit, Michigan and weighs in at 260lbs. Accompanied by his manager the legendary Jon Tees he is a man who has proudly served his country… “Big Sexy” Kevin Watkins!!!!!

“Fast Lane” hits and Kevin Watkins makes his way out accompanied by Jon Tees. Tees leads Watkins toward the ringside area as the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. Watkins and Tees rotate between ignoring the fans and taunting them depending on how they feel. Watkins enters the ring and Tees takes his place at ringside.

Sabrina Masters: And his opponent he hails from Venice Beach, California and weighs in at 215lbs he is NWF’s resident Party Boy “Party Boy” Ivan Taylor

“It’s an Omen” is the first things that the fans hear come blasting out of the P.A system as the lights fade to black. The slow techno intro beginsto play as the multi-colored spot lights begins to flash through-out the arena. As it kicks it up a notch the camera moves towards the stage as Ivan bounces out from behind the curtain and stands on the stage. As he begins to dance in time to the music goldern pyro begins shooting out from the titintron to the beat of the music, once it stops he begins dancing his way down towards the ring. Once reaching the ring he jumps up on the apron and continues to dance as he rolls through the ropes he slowly stops as the music fades out.

Sabrina Masters: Scott Fort is your referee… let the games begin.

Bell sounds and we’re off.

Rhett Logan: This is looking to be an incredible contest between two evenly matched men.

Thomas: Watkins has a slight size advantage and I also believe he may have more experience but don’t count Taylor out.

Matt Holton: Wouldn’t surprise me if Taylor is high on drugs. Watkins is going to clean this place up you have my word on that.

Thomas: Come on now Holton you have no proof whatsoever that Taylor is using how can you make such baseless accusations?

Matt Holton:
They aren’t baseless look at the guy he’s stoned out of his mind.

The two men circle each other and engage in a test of stretch. Watkins gets the upper hand and shoves Taylor back into the corner. He begins posing and doing jumping jacks but Taylor takes him down with a spear and unloads on him with a series of rights and lefts. Watkins manages to shove Taylor off and backs him into the corner. He lays into Taylors chest with a series of knife edge chops lighting up Taylor’s chest as the crowd boos and begins a Taylor chant.

Holton: Watkins really laying into Taylor here I knew he had an advantage.

Thomas: Don’t count Taylor out.

Watkins begins choking Taylor in the corner and gets a warning from the ref. He breaks and then goes back to choking him again. Watkins slaps Taylor in the face and that appears to fire Taylor up. He slaps Watkins back and the two exchange punches. Taylor gets the upper hand and throws Watkins into the turnbuckle. He attempts a roll up but Watkins is out at two.

Thomas: Man what a way to kick thing off.

Taylor catches Watkins with a Double arm DDT and attempts another cover. Watkins again is out at two and two thirds. Taylor climbs to the top turnbuckle and attempts a shooting star press but Watkins gets his knees up and catches Taylor right in the chest knocking the wind out of him. Watkins rolls Taylor over into a pinning combination and gets a two count of his own. Watkins begins hammering away on Taylor on the ground catching him with repeated knees to the head and face. Watkins inexplicably throws Taylor over the top rope and out to the floor demonstrating his strength.

Commercial break

We return from commercial to find Watkins and Taylor exchanging blows on the floor. Watkins whips Taylor into the guard rail and then the steel steps. Taylor appears to have injured his knee as he is now limping around ringside. Both men get back into the ring prior to getting counted out and Watkins chop blocks Taylors leg.

Tim Thomas:
What a dirty move by Kevin Watkins

Matt Holton: You do what you can do to win this match has high stakes.

Rhett Logan: I agree with Tim that was just wrong on the part of Watkins.

Matt Holton: Who asked you Logan? If I wanted your opinion I’d give it to you (slaps Logan in the face) now lets get back to the match.

Watkins connects with a knee breaker and then begins assaulting Taylor’s ankle. He applies the Watkins lock and has Taylor in the center of the ring. But yet somehow Taylor manages to fight out of it and reach the ropes.

Matt Holton:
Talk about a cheap way out reaching the ropes what a candy ass.

Tim Thomas: What are you talking about the guy fought out of the hold.

Matt Holton: Yeah, like a coward

Tim Thomas: I’ll never understand you.

Matt Holton: It’s because I’m your superior in every possible way don’t blame yourself it’s a genetics and evolutionary thing.

Watkins connects with Red, White and Bruised and follows up with The Watkins Bomb he appears to have Taylor finished when for some inexplicable reason Death suddenly makes an appearance in the crowd and comes to ringside. Watkins becomes distracted by Death as he turns back around to face Taylor he runs into a spear followed up with comedowns. Taylor goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Sabrina Masters: Ladies and gentlemen your winner and advancing in the tournament Ivan Taylor.

The crowd cheers as Omen plays once more and Taylor celebrates through he can barely stand. Watkins and Tees are livid as they head to the back.

We return from a brief commercial break and return to the ringside where the announcers are standing.

Tim Thomas:
It’s been an amazing night so far and we’re far from done.

Rhett Logan: That’s right Tim what an incredible match between Ivan Taylor and Kevin Watkins. But my question is what was Death doing there and why did Watkins allow himself to be so distracted?

Matt Holton: Who is really to say with these Order members they are completely unpredictable. Watkins got screwed but he’ll live to fight another day.

Tim Thomas: They’re lowering the cage now I’m really looking forward to this.

Rhett Logan: As am I, as is everyone else this match is years in the making roll the tape monkeys.

A rather lengthy video package airs depicting the rocky relationship of Mr. Goldstein and Jason Crawford. Shown in this package are Crawford and Goldstein dominating the competition and winning numerous tag team championships together. And then the dissension with Crawford feeling as though Goldstein didn’t respect him and Goldstein confirming that even the part about Crawford’s contract going to Temptress in the divorce settlement and him resisting at first and later coming to Temptress’ aid when Tees, Goldstein and Watkins had her cornered.
Tim Thomas: That brings us to where we are with this. These two men have a lengthy and storied past two former tag team partners now opponents inside of a cage.

Holton: Crawford is an ungrateful little prick and Goldstein is going to make him pay.

Tim Thomas: How do you figure that in your twisted logic?

Matt Holton: Goldstein did everything for him and made him what he is today and he stabbed the man in the back over a woman.

We cut back to Sabrina Masters.

Sabrina Masters:
Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a steel cage match in the first round of the NWF Championship tournament. Introducing first making his Autumn Residence in Beverly Hills, California he is accompanied by his manager Jon Tees. He weighs in at 245lbs “The Undisputable” Mr. Goldstein!!!
“Beethoven’s 5th” hits and the crowd instantly erupts in a chorus of boos. Mr. Goldstein makes his way out along with Jon Tees. Goldstein is sporting a solid gold robe. He walks down the aisle gazing upon the fans with a look of disdain and arrogance as though he is better than them. Many of them try and touch him but he simply brushes them off and continues his march toward the ringside area as the music plays. Goldstein enters the cage and removes his robe. He gives it to the ring attendant with strict instructions that if anything happens to his robe something sure is hell is going to happen to them. He awaits the bell… as Tees takes his place at ringside.

Sabrina Masters: And his opponent from St. Johns, New Foundland, Canada, he weighs in at 260lbs he is accompanied by his manager Temptress and Bodyguard Big Phil, Jason Crawford.

Dross” blares across the pa system as Jason Crawford makes his way out along with Temptress and Big Phil . The cheers are absolutely overwhelming as the three make their way out with Crawford at the center and Phil and Temptress on the right and left respectively each slightly behind Crawford . They pose and slap hands with the fans for a while before they finally reach the ringside area, Crawford shakes the cage and eyes Goldstein while Temptress and Big Phil take their place at ringside.

Bell sounds

Tim Thomas:
We’re in for a classic confrontation here.

Matt Holton: Come on Goldstein get him, get that son of a bitch, make him pay.

Crawford makes the mistake of for whatever reason turning his back on Goldstein and pays the price for it. Goldstein rams Crawford’s head into the turnbuckle repeatedly and then grinds his face into the side of the cage.

Thomas: Goldstein wasting little time.

Goldstein backs Crawford into the corner and nails some of his legendary knife edge chops turning Crawford’s chest a beat red color. Goldstein throws Crawford to the ground and nails repeated knee drops.

Matt Holton: Your boy Crawford looks slightly overmatched and outclassed here.

Tim Thomas: It’s early yet.

Goldstein attempts to throw Crawford into the cage but Crawford reverses and slingshots Goldstein into it. As Goldstein falls back down Crawford nails a super kick and goes for a pinfall attempt but Goldstein gets the shoulder up at two. Crawford nails a rolling cutter on Goldstein and makes an attempt to escape the cage by going out of the door but Goldstein stops him and pulls him back in after some elbow shots to the head. Crawford now appears to be bleeding somewhat from the nose area. Goldstein catches Crawford with knees to the mid section and then a knee lift to the head. Goldstein attempts to climb the cage but Crawford manages to catch him near the top. He catches a hold of Goldstein’s trunks and inadvertently pulls them down revealing Goldstein’s rear end. Goldstein and Crawford fight at the middle of the cage with each getting the upper hand at points. Each man has rammed the others head into the cage at least a couple of times. At one point both men just fall from the middle of the cage to the mat below.

Tim Thomas: What an incredible match.

Crawford attempts a cover on Goldstein but Goldstein barely gets the shoulder up. Crawford locks Goldstein in a sleeper hold.

Holton: That son of a bitch. That’s Goldstein’s move. Goldstein taught that prick how to use that move.

Tim Thomas: All is fair remember Holton.

Goldstein tries to fight out but ends up going to sleep. Crawford attempts to escape through the cage door only to have it slammed on his head by Tees. Big Phil and Temptress confront Tees with Phil holding him after ramming him into the cage and Temptress slapping him. Crawford falls right back into a low blow from Goldstein. He in an exhausted state attempts to crawl toward the cage door. He nearly makes it when Crawford grabs ahold of him and pulls him back. Crawford locks Goldstein in the Canadian Crab and holds him in the move until he passes out. Crawford then begins climbing the cage and reaches the top when he is again met by Goldstein who catches him with another low blow. Goldstein and Crawford fight at the top of the cage with Crawford getting the upper hand. He nails Brush With Greatness from the top of the cage power bombing Goldstein to the mat below. Following it up with Nightmare On Crawford Street. Once he hits this he simply gets up and walks out of the door where he is greeted by Temptress and Big Phil who congratulate him.

Tim Thomas: He’s done it, Jason Crawford has won.

Matt Holton: He cheated that good for nothing cheater.

Tim Thomas: He didn’t cheat he defeated his former tag team partner fair and square.

Sabrina Masters: Ladies and gentlemen your winner and advancing in the tournament Jason Crawford.

“Dross” hits again as Crawford celebrates. Tees is livid and Goldstein is an injured and bloody mess. Goldstein is carried out of the cage on a stretcher as Tees yells and screams obscenities at him. Tees and Goldstein disappear into the back with Tees berating an unconscious Goldstein implying that this may be the end of their relationship.

Another brief commercial break followed by a return to the announcers)
Tim Thomas: Welcome back the next contest is one I’m really looking forward to.

Matt Holton: Indeed three of the most beautiful women in NWF facing off against each other.

Rhett Logan: Hey aren’t there only three women in NWF?

Matt Holton: Right on genius good for you. (slaps Logan in the head

Hardcore Jimmy: Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Paris, France Danielle Simone

“La Marseillaise hits and Danielle Simone makes her way out to a chorus of boos. As always she is dressed in a pair of glasses and is waving the French flag. She enters the ring and awaits the start of the match.

Hardcore Jimmy: And her opponents first from St. Louis, Missouri, Sara Hollister

BEFORE THE FALL by SEPTEMBER MOURNING hits and Hollister makes her way out to a mixed reaction and little frills she simply enters the ring and prepares for battle.

Hardcore Jimmy: And latest she is a member of the legendary Guerrero wrestling family, Pestilence.

Jai Ho by the Pussycat Dolls hits the P.A. Amelie wearing her red leather trunks and a hooded forest green leather corset comes bursting from behind the curtain. As she walks down the ramp rose pedals rain down blanketing the ramp and the ring canvas. When Amelie reaches the ring she stretches with her back against the ropes flips backwards over the ropes then comes to a kneeling position . . . a moment later she lays in the middle of the ring smelling the rose pedals while awaiting her opponent. Mateo comes walking out wearing a suit enters the ring and stands behind Emelie.

Before the sound of the bell NWF President Juan Santoro appears on the entrance ramp he is greeted with a mixed reaction. Santoro has a mic in his hand and begins speaking.

Juan Santoro: Hold on for a second ladies… I’m a bit bored with some of the action or lack thereof this evening so decided to spice things up and add some excitement to this match. The match will now be contested under no disqualification rules may the best woman win.

Santoro returns backstage. And the bell finally sounds.

Tim Thomas: Our president really throwing his weight around.

Matt Holton: And between you and me he’s got plenty to spare.

Tim Thomas: You better watch yourself or you’ll be on the unemployment line.

Matt Holton: I have a good attorney and an iron clad contract so no one can touch me.

The match starts off with all three women circling each other looking for an opportunity to strike. Simone sits back in the corner a bit as Pestilence and Hollister begin going at it. Exchanging rights and lefts. Hollister manages a take down and begins grounding and pounding Pestilence who suddenly gets a crazed look in her eye. Before you know it the two women are rolling around on the mat taking turns punching and slamming one another’s heads into the ground while Simone just sits back taking it all in as though she’s a fan in the front row. To this point neither woman has really noticed her. Pestilence locks Hollister in an Indian deathlock and appears to be closing in on a submission when Simone finally gets up and does something, cracking her in the head with a kendo stick. Pestilence falls to the ground as Simone lays into her with the stick repeatedly hitting her in the face and mid section with it. She then whacks Hollister right on the ass, begins choking her and connects with a Russian leg sweep. She attempts a cover and it’s broken up by Pestilence who makes a timely save.

Hollister and Pestilence then corner Simone and begin double teaming her. Hollister holds her in a full nelson type move while Pestilence lays into her with a series of shots. The crowd goes crazy at this point. Hollister nails what looks like a combination of a full nelson and German suplex into a cover which again is broken up by Pestilence. Hollister nails numerous Muay Thai knee and elbow strikes on both of her opponents who attempt to gang up on her now sending them back into the corner. With both women stacked against each other she successfully connects a handspring elbow strike. Both of her opponents fall to the ground and she attempts a double arm bar. But both women mange to reach the ropes forcing the break though Hollister doesn’t have to break due to the no DQ stip she does anyway presumably out of habit.

Thomas: All three of these ladies fighting tooth and nail here.

Pestilence rolls to the floor to catch a breather and is followed by Simone who rams her into the ring post shoulder first and then knee first into the steal ring steps. Hollister appears to be distracted and is being checked on by the ref. As she turns around she is stabbed in the throat with a sharp metal object courtesy of Simone who executes The French Revolution for the victory.

Matt Holton: Daniele Simone has won this thing what a gallant effort.

Tim Thomas: Gallant my ass she found a way to cheat in a match where cheating was perfectly legal. You were supposed to defeat both opponents and she took one out of the equation and got a cheap win over the other.

Matt Holton: You’re just jealous because she wouldn’t give you the time of day.

We return from yet another commercial break to find Eddie Stitchard already in the ring as his music Ego Trip by Mushroom head blares and he gets a negative reaction from the crowd.

Sabrina Masters: And his opponent from Vancouver British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at 240lbs… Death

Stalker (Master’s Solemn Hour) plays but there is no sign of Death anywhere.

Matt Holton: You know what they say… Death strikes at the time and place it so chooses and perhaps Death chooses not to strike tonight in this rotten, horrible city, this cesspool we call Philadelphia.
Tim Thomas: He is contracted to be here so better show up.

Sabrina Masters: Here he is… Death!!!

Death’s music hits again and nothing. Suddenly the lights go dark and the entire Order shows up. We can barely make out a struggle in the darkness. Stitchard appears to be putting up a fight but is out numbered and out matched. He appears to be on the receiving end of a power bomb from all four people. The lights come back up and the other three members are gone only Death remains. He picks up a lifeless Stichard and executes Journey’s Close he pins him and gets an easy three count.

Tim Thomas: This is complete bull this is supposed to be a singles tournament.

Holton: The Order does what it wants, when it wants to whomever it chooses to do it to. I’d keep quiet if I were you Thomas or you could very well be next.

Sabrina Masters: Your winner and advancing in the tournament Death!!!

Stalker (Master’s Solemn Hour) and Death heads to the back with a stoic expression on his face disappearing nearly as mysteriously as he arrived.

Tim Thomas: I’m surprised by Death’s exit and was expecting him to disappear in a cloud of smoke or through the stands or something.

Matt Holton: Expect the unexpected when it comes to that man you can’t figure him out no one can.

Sabrina Masters: Ladies and gentlemen it is now time for the main event of the evening

Crowd cheers.

Sabrina Masters: Introducing first he hails from Brooklyn, NY and weighs in at 280lbs… Jon Tees

“Die Mother Fucker Die” by Dope hits and Jon Tees steps through the curtain to immediate boos from the crowd. Younger children look on with a mixture of fear, astonishment and respect while older fans range from cheering to booing and shouting obscenities. Tees continues down the aisle toward the ringside area paying little to no mind to the fans he steps over the top rope and get ready to take care of business.

Matt Holton: Tees looks in as good of shape as I’ve seen him in a long time. I have a feeling he’s taking this.

Tim Thomas: I have to admit he’s put on some muscle mass since the last time he set foot in the ring.

Sabrina Masters: And his first opponent from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 208lbs Jon Hartley

“Hero” By Skillet hits and Jon Hartley dances down the aisle slapping hands with several of the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and prepares for what could very well be the biggest match of his young career.

Sabrina Masters: And last but not least, he is a legend and an Icon

This puts an irate expression on Tees’ face who was not announced the same way.

Sabrina Masters: A former world champion and one of the best looking men in this industry. from Chicago, IL Mesterio Raine!!!!

The crowd cheers with excitement as The arena lights begins to fade as the slow, yet alluring acoustic guitars start to play through-out the arena. The atmosphere around the arena has drawn to a stand still before the guitars quickly change pace to the heavier chugging with a loud bang as a wall of flames burst up from the stage. Once the smoke clears Mesterio is seen standing there with his trademark smirk across his face. He slowly begins to make his way down the ramp taking his time to shake hands and sign a few autographs for the fans before he makes his way to the ring. Once approaching the ring he rolls under the bottom rope before making his way towards the closest turnbuckle, proceeds to climb and salutes the fans with the devil horns before jumping down and stretching out before he awaits the bell.

Just as the bell is about to sound the lights go out again and once more there is a commotion in the ring. Hartley, Tees and Raine have all been attacked by The Order. They try and fight back and a few times nearly get the upper hand, but after resorting to some dirty tricks the Order takes it back. They get the better of all three men and nail quadruple power bombs on all three men. The lights come back up and the bell sounds but all three men are down and appear to be out.

Tim Thomas: Not again, not this shit again when is someone going to put the Order in their place they’re out of Order if anything.

Matt Holton: Like, I said they do as they please. You don’t like it do something about it I dare you to.

Tees shows the first sign of life as he begins crawling toward Hartley. Blood is dripping from Tees’ mouth as he makes the crawl. He reaches his arm over Hartley and the ref starts to count 1, 2 no it’s broken up by Raine who knocks Tees off and pushes him back into the corner. Raine nails a series of elbow smashes followed by a running bull dog out of the corner. Raine attempts a cover but Tees gets his arm up at two. Hartley still appears motionless. Tees nails a brainbuster suplex on Raine after a low blow when the ref was distracted checking on Hartley and goes for the cover on Raine but Raine barely kicks out.

Tim Thomas: Neither of these men appear to be done yet.

Matt Holton: What match are you watching? Hartley looks damn near dead and no one seems willing to even address it.

Tim Thomas: Hey what happened to Rhett Logan?

Matt Holton: Who the fuck cares?

Tim Thomas: Good point that guy was as useless as tits on a warthog.

Matt Holton: One of the few things we agree on.

Tees pounds away on Raine with a series of stiff headbutts. He goes for another pinfall attempt but it’s broken up by Hartley who finally shows some life and nails a drop kick on Tees. Hartley attempts to follow this up with a northern light suplex but Tees is too strong and powerful. He counters a rolling cutter and finds himself chop blocked by Raine. Raine attempts a pin but Tees kicks out with authority. Raine ends up on the outside and Hartley catches him with a baseball slide and a suicide dive. Raine and Hartley are both down and Hartley being smaller and more agile manages to get back into the ring first. He eats a devastating boot from Tees who follows up with a Heart Punch drilling Hartley (no pun intended) right in the chest. Tees goes for the cover and Raine makes an attempt to get back into the ring but is stopped by The Order. Tees gets a three count as Raine is being power bombed through the announce table.

Tim Thomas: Holy fuck the announce table has been totally destroyed.

Matt Holton: No shit Sherlock

Tim Thomas: Not only our announce table but Mesterio Raine looks to have been destroyed.

Matt Holton: Shit happens.

Tim Thomas: Damn this group of thugs they ruined our main event twice something needs to be done.

Holton: Like I said, don’t like it get off your fat ass and do something about it bitch!!

The Order then make a motion toward Tees and Hartley as the announcer makes the official announcement.

Sabrina Masters: Ladies and gentlemen your winner and advancing in the tournament Jon Tees

“Die Mother Fucker Die” plays but Tees has no time to celebrate as he’s on the receiving end of another attack from The Order. Hartley and Tees are both attacked and once more left laying as the show comes to a close.