Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a first round contest in the PWI title tournament. Introducing first he hails from Brooklyn, NY and weighs in at 280lbs “Big Daddy” Jon Tees


(“Master Of Puppets” by Metallica hits and Jon Tees steps through the curtain to immediate boos from the crowd. Younger children look on with a mixture of fear, astonishment and respect while older fans range from cheering to booing and shouting obscenities. Tees continues down the aisle toward the ringside area paying little to no mind to the fans he steps over the top rope and get ready to take care of business.)

Announcer 1: Tees looking bigger and badder than he’s ever looked before.

Announcer 2: He also looks as though he’s in a foul mood which means  Mesterio Raine is in for an unpleasant evening.


Ring announcer: And his opponent from Chicago, IL and weighing in at 255lbs he is accompanied by Lilith Mesterio Raine.

(‘Ghostwalking’ by Lamb of God hits and Mesterio Raine makes his way out to a mixed reaction. Lilith gets a few cheers and is looking as lovely as ever. Raine enters the ring and she takes her place at ringside.)


(The bell sounds Tees starts things off with a thumb to the eye followed by a big boot. He attempts a snake eyes but Raine gets out of it and sends Tees head first into the turnbuckle. Raine connects with a back suplex off of the top turnbuckle and attempts an early pin but Tees gets the shoulder up. Tees rolls out to the floor and Raine follows out after him. He attempts to ram Tees into the guardrail but Tees counters drops Raine throat first across it. He rolls Raine back into the ring and really begins putting the boots to him. Tees nails several consecutive elbow drops and goes for a cover but Raine kicks out at two. Tees attempts to pick Raine up but Raine connects with a low blow and follows up with a small package. Tees and Raine reverse this move several times each getting  near fall until Tees finally breaks out of it. Raine connects with a DDT followed up with a drop kick to the face.)


Announcer 1: This is an incredible back and forth match so far.

Announcer 2: I couldn’t agree with you more.


(Raine attempts a  lionsault but Tees gets his knees up. Tees proceeds to pick Raine up in fallaway slam position only instead nails multiple back breakers repeatedly dropping Raine’s lower back across his knee. He takes Raine to the outside and attempts to slam him down on the steel steps but Raine counters out and rams Tees head first into the steps and then the ring post busting him open. Raine and Tees head over to the announce table and each man takes turns slamming the other man’s head into the table. Tees attempts to jackknife power bomb Raine through the table but Raine counters into a back body drop. The table doesn’t break so Raine picks Tees up and attempts to power bomb him but Tees like Raine before him counters into a back body drop only this time the entire table breaks sending both men through it at the same time.  )


Announcer 1: Our announce table has been completely destroyed.

Announcer 2: Thanks, Captain Obvious.


(The ref has been counting all of this time and is up to about an eight count. Both men begin sturing and barely make it back into the ring on nine.  Tees connects with a lariat nailing Raine right in the head with it. Only stead of going for a cover he locks in the sin city crab right in the middle of the ring. Raine is in the center of the ring and appears to be far removed from the ropes. But Lilith and several of the fans cheer him on willing him to drag himself with Tees on his back over to the ropes forcing the break.)


Announcer 1:  Awesome match.


(Tees attempts to follow up with a heal hook but Raine catches his leg and nails a knee breaker. Raine attempts a single leg crab and locks it in. Tees although tired is too close to the ropes and forces the break. Raine climbs to the top rope and attempts a double stomp he barely misses and Tees follows up with the The Garotte once more in the center of the ring.)


Announcer 1: I think Tees may have this match here I don’t see how Raine could escape this move at this point in the match.

Announcer 2: But he is Mesterio Raine that’s what you’re forgetting.


(With the ref distracted checking on Raine Lilith manages to spray something in Tees’ eyes from the floor. Tees is forced to release the hold as his eyes burn like a bitch and he can’t see. With Tees blinded Raine nails a back stabber and attempts a cover but Tees again kicks out.  Raine sets up for the Raine of Blood but Tees counters out and places Raine in position for a top rope power bomb. He connects with one and again goes for the cover 1 2 no Raine barely kicks out. Frustrated Tees begins pounding away on Raine with stiff rights and lefts. The two men begin brawling back and forth and Tees to gain an edge kicks Raine squarely in the balls. He nails the gateway to hell and attempts a cover but again Raine kicks out. He goes for the heart punch but Raine blocks it and locks in a cross arm breaker in the center of the ring. Although in pain Tees manages to get to the ropes with his foot due to his massively long legs. The ref forces the break and puts a count on a frustrated Raine.  As Raine is arguing with the ref Tees sets up and nails The Tees driver. He has Raine defeated when all of a sudden “Killing In The Name Of”  This distracts Tees causing him to look around the arena expecting the arrival of a certain someone.  As Tees turns back around he is met with the Demonic Awakenings Raine covers and the ref counts 1 2 3 Raine has won this epic battle. )

Ring announcer: Here is your winner via pinfall and advancing in the tournament Mesterio Raine

Announcer 1:  This match was one for the ages.

Announcer 2: But what the hell happened at the end whose music was that and why did it bother Tees?

Announcer 1: Who knows the guy has a lot of enemies and rubs mostly everyone he meets the wrong way.

(Raine and Lilith celebrate as Tees gets checked on by the ref. Raine also appears to have some battle wounds as he seems to need Lilith’s assistance to stand. ‘Ghostwalking’ by Lamb of God blares throughout the arena.)