Ring announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is  first round match up in the PWI title tournament. Introducing first from  El Paso Texas she weighs in at 117 lbs. “The Latin Rose” Amelie Guerrero


(“Jai Ho” by the  Pussycat Dolls hits the P.A. and The Latina Rose comes bursting from behind the curtain. As she walks down the ramp rose pedals rain down blanketing the ramp and the ring canvas. When Amelie reaches the ring she streches with her back against the ropes flips backwards over the ropes then comes to a kneeling position . . . a moment later she lays in the middle of the ring smelling the rose pedals while awaiting Mr. Goldstein.)


Ring announcer: And her opponent making his winter residence in San José, Costa Rica he weighs in at 245lbs “The Undisputable” Mr. Goldstein.


( “Beethoven’s 5th” hits and the crowd instantly erupts in a chorus of boos. Mr. Goldstein makes his way out along with Jon Tees. Goldstein is sporting a solid gold robe. He walks down the aisle gazing upon the fans with a look of disdain and arrogance as though he is better than them. Many of them try and touch him but he simply brushes them off and continues his march toward the ringside area as the music plays. Goldstein enters the ring and removes his robe. He gives it to the ring attendant with strict instructions that if anything happens to his robe something sure is hell is going to happen to them. He awaits the bell… as Tees takes his place at ringside.)


Announcer 1: This should be interesting Mr. Goldstein has been undefeated for the last 20 or so years an unprecedented accomplishment if you ask me.

Announcer 2: Well that’s the thing no one really asked you. This Amelie Guerrero is a real spit fire and is representing the legendary Guerrero family.


(The bell sounds and the match is underway. Amelie and Goldstein lock up and Goldstein gets the upper hand slamming Amelie to the mat. She gets up and he slaps her on the ass. Angry she slaps him across the face and kicks him in the balls. Goldstein cries out in pain as Amelie follows up with a flying arm drag followed by several rights and lefts.)

Announcer 1: Amelie is really taking it to Goldstein

(Just as the announcer says this Goldstein kicks Amelie off as she attempts to lock in a cross arm breaker. She heads into the corner and Goldstein lays into her with some knife edge chops causing her to scream and cry out in pain. He begins paint brushing her face with shots which draws the ire of the crowd. Goldstein tosses Amelie to the ground like a rag doll and nails several stiff elbow shots to the head. Amelie no longer appears to be fighting back and Goldstein begins targeting her legs dropping elbows on them and nailing a knee breaker. He climbs to the top rope and attempts a stiff diving elbow but she rolls out of the way and counters with a school girl. Goldstein kicks out at two and throws Amelie into the ropes. He attempts a lariat but she counters into a  hurricanrana, she goes for a crucifix pin but Goldstein falls backwards. Goldstein than promptly applies the figure four in the center of the ring. With no where to go and no way out of this predicament Amelie is forced to tap out. Goldstein is awarded the victory. He celebrates with Tees as Beethoven’s 5th plays again. )


Ring announcer: Here is your winner via submission Mr. Goldstein

Announcer 1: Goldstein wins in a dominate debut

Announcer 2: I wouldn’t say he dominated he got the win in a competitive match but when push comes to shove he beat a woman who he outweighed by over 100lbs. it’s a no win situation him beating the woman means nothing, and had he lost it would have been the ultimate humiliation so Goldstein figured he might as well win and advance in this tournament.