AJ Lee Vs Daffney (Hardcore Women’s Main Event From The First Edition Of Thunder)

 Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentleman  it is now time for the main event of the evening. This contest is scheduled for one fall and is a hardcore match. Introducing first she hails from Union City New Jersey…. AJ Lee.

(Light it up hits and AJ  skips down the ramp to a mixed reaction carrying a Singapore cain. She enters the ring and continues skipping around.  )

Jim Ross: She’s crazier than a pet coon.

Michael Buffer: And her opponent from Sybil, Texas…. Daffney.


(“Psychotic” hits and Daffney makes her way out to mostly cheers pushing a cart filled with various weapons, baseball bats, hockey sticks, pizza pans just to name a few. Daffney reaches the ring and AJ immediately goes after her.  Before Buffer can deliver his signature “Lets get ready to rumble.” Line the match has already begun. AJ ends up in Daffney’s shopping cart being pushed into the ring post and falling over. Daffney follows up by beaming AJ in the head with a pizza pan repeatedly. She then picks up The Singapore Cain and begins beating AJ with it relentlessly. )

Larry Zbyszko: This match is getting violent and it’s just getting started.

Mike Tenay: Fasten your seatbelts we’re in for a bumpy night.

(Daffney begins choking AJ with the cain and AJ struggles to breath. She manages to ram Daffney back into the ring post in order to break the choke but Daffney doesn’t release right away so AJ rams her back into the post two more times. Daffney falls to the ground and AJ begins slamming her head into the ring post. AJ stands up and lets out a primal scream as she knees Daffney in the head.)

Jim Ross: That woman is certifiable.

(AJ climbs back into the ring and attempts a diving cross body onto Daffney but misses and hits the guard rail. Daffney then proceeds to to spear AJ through the barricade.)

Jim Ross: Stop the damn match!!!

Larry Zbyszko:   Man, this is violent.

( Both women struggle to get back to their feet as the crowd begins chanting “WCW” “This is Awesome” and “Holy shit.” AJ gets up first and goes for a pinfall attempt on Daffney Referee Mickie Henson gets into position and begins counting 12, kick out at the last second. AJ then immediately applies a cross armbreaker on the floor the ref asks Daffney is she submits but she refuses, since there are no ropes to break the hold she is forced to power out by lifting AJ up and slamming her down. AJ holds the move at first so Daffney slams her a second time forcing her to finally release it. Daffney connects with a shining wizard and attempts a cover but AJ kicks out at two and three quarters.)

Jim Ross: Both of these women showing tremendous heart.

Mike Tenay: This isn’t eithers first go round in this type of match either Jim.

Larry Z: Both of them remind me of my ex wives at super time.

(As the announcers are talking AJ has countered a power bomb attempt through a table into a back body drop. The table doesn’t break at first so AJ follows up with a DDT breaking it.)

Jim Ross: The announce table has been completely destroyed. I just don’t understand how these women keep going. The ring hasn’t even really been used in this contest.

(Just as Ross makes this comment AJ slides back into the ring hopefully to recover and get away from Daffney.  AJ is down inside of the ring and Daffney is down outside of it. Unbeknownst to AJ, Daffney has grabbed hold of a chair. She places it under her arm and gets back to her feet. As she approaches the ring AJ connects with a baseball slide sending the chair directly into Daffney’s face and busting her open. )

Jim Ross: Come on ref get in there and stop this.


(AJ attempts to nail a neck breaker but Daffney reverses into the Daff Knees she goes for a cover but AJ kicks out barely. Daffney becomes frustrated and begins screaming as she puts the boots to AJ and begins slamming AJ’s skull off of the concrete. Daffney sets up for a DDT on the exposed floor after removing the mat but AJ again counters with a back body drop. AJ begins pounding away on Daffney with rights and lefts busting her open further. AJ pulls a sharp, metal object out of her boots and begins stabbing Daffney with it. AJ positions Daffney against the guard rail and attempts a running knee but Daffney moves out of the way and AJ goes knee first into the guardrail. She holds her knee in pain as Daffney goes on the attack, repeatedly kicking and slamming the knee to the ground. She applies the Lance Crab but AJ kicks her off and Daffney lands back first into the ring apron. AJ then grabs a chair and begins slamming Daffney in the head with it. She connects with a bulldog on the open chair and as Daffney gets back to her feet AJ locks in the Black Widow. Daffney barely struggles a bit but has little to no fight left. Mickie Hanson asks if she wants to quit and she reluctantly taps out with little choice.)

Jim Ross: AJ Lee has won this highly competitive and brutal match folks.


(Light it up plays as Michel Buffer makes the official announcement.)


Michael Buffer: Ladies and gentlemen your winner AJ Lee.


(The music continues to play as the credits roll. )


Winner By Submission: AJ Lee