The Reason For My Absence And What I Have Been Up To.

As many of you have noticed there have been a lack of updates on this site since February of 2015. Although I have updated my archive area in terms of new role plays and updated character bios I have not posted to the main page in quite a while. To quickly update you, I have basically been dabbling in and out of E-wrestling during that time frame. I did a bit of a stint in Rampage Wrestling, took a hiatus after that closed and gave running Elite Wrestling a go over the summer. EW showed some promise, but I had to abandon it due to professional reasons. The reasons I had to pull the plug are still as valid now as they were several months ago. So really I essentially just quietly took a hiatus from E-wrestling. Whether I am truly finished after 16 years or whether I come back for another run in some form or fashion remains to be seen. As I look back over my sixteen year run, I am fairly satisfied with the things I have done and the people I have met. I have accomplished everything I ever wanted or expected to accomplish and more. But this is a rather somber and uneventful way to top off such a run In my view as it would be for most people.