A highlights video airs depicting Marvin Fuller’s most devastating knock outs. The three fighters he knocks out are Ross Vega, Rayshawn Loving and Andrew Kilpatrick well known in the heavyweight divisions where Fuller fought though they may not be household names. First up is Fuller’s 2 second knock out of Vega the sound of Jon Tees’ voice can be heard narrating this montage.

Fuller drops Vega with a single shot.

Tees: Dangerous!

Next up is Loving

Fuller drops Loving in two seconds

Tees: Devastating!

Next up is Fulller’s knock out of Kilpatrick who goes down in one second or less after getting hit by Fuller

Tees: He knocks grown men unconscious with a single shot. He’s simply fucking Marvelous!!!

Fuller then appears live standing inside of a boxing ring inside of a dimly lite, slightly run down gym dressed in his ring gear: shiny black boxing shorts glossy almost with MF written in white down the sides, matching mid length boots and white wrist tape. He immediately begins speaking addressing  the camera.

MMF: Dave Wilson I’m not a man of many words I do most of  my talking with my fists. But I will say this much On January 24th two things are going to happen, my fist will make contact with your jaw and your ass will make contact with the ground and that will be that. This ain’t personal Dave just business you happen to be in my way step up, step up and I’ll knock your ass out.

Fade out

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