Mickey The Midget is shown leaving Management’s office after having a meeting with the mysterious figure. He wears a shark skin colored three piece suit with a light blue dress shirt, gray fedora with black trim, and black wingtip shoes. His tie is a golden color and he is smoking a cigar as he is approached by Mike Roberts. Conspicuous  by his absence is Roberts’ agent Jon Tees.

Roberts grabs Mickey by the nape of the neck, lifts him off the ground and hoists him against the wall. 

Roberts: Hey thigh high, how about finding a spot for me on The Iced Over card?

Mickey (struggling to breath): I would but it ain’t up to me… it’s up to management you dumb, oversized, gorilla  looking FUCK!!! But I would advise you to kindly put me the fuck down or else.

Roberts: You got some lip on you midget and that’s funny because I could shove you in my ass so you might want to mind what you say to me.

Mickey: Are you sure that it isn’t too sore from the other night and by the way these lips were on your wife’s pussy last evening  and FYI, you might want to dust that thing off once in a while…. asshole.

Roberts: I might just bash your fucking head in right here and now shitstain.

Roberts cocks his fist and prepares to punch the shit out of Mickey when all of a sudden some unseen person grabs Roberts’ arm and prevents him from doing so.

Voice: That’s not a very good idea Roberts why don’t you pick on someone your own size?


Voice: Watch your mouth you have any idea who you are speaking to?

Roberts: NO I don’t but no doubt it’s someone I could easily break in two so wait your turn once I break this little shit in half you’ll be next.

Roberts quickly notices that it’s non other than Jon Tees his employer and manager his tune quickly changes.

Roberts: Mr. Tees I do apologize I had no idea it was you.

Mr. Tees: It’s fine… just get the fuck out of here and cool off.. leave me to do the same.

Roberts grins and leaves without apologizing to Mickey. Tees turns his attention to the midget and speaks.

Mr. Tees: I apologize for his overzealous actions he does have a temper, but in the future you’ll want to avoid making him angry, he’s hard to control when he’s really angry… what you saw was merely the tip of the ice berg.

Mickey: I’ll keep that in mind… but if you excuse me I’ve got business to attend to of the upmost urgency.

Mickey dusts himself off and Tees disappears as mysteriously as he arrived.

Fade out.