Mike Roberts sat drinking alone and talking to himself at his favorite bar “Johnny’s” in Ontario. Roberts isn’t wearing anything flashy just a “Mike Roberts” muscle shirt which appears to be black and red in color and a pair of black and white windbreaker pants with and navy/gold sneakers.

Mike Roberts: It’ll take more than two mere mortals to even slow me down yet alone even have an attempt to stop me. My brothers may be barred from ringside and won’t be there physically but they have my back spiritually. This isn’t the first time I fought two men and it certainly won’t be the last. This guy Management is a moron for thinking anything other than the national guard could have a shot of deterring me. 

Other patrons stare at Roberts as though he’s completely fucking crazy and he just stares back at them.

Mike Roberts: Yeah, you’ve seen me before I’m Mike  FUCKING Roberts take a picture it’ll last longer.

Johnny: Hey Mike why don’t you call it a night huh? You’ve had way too much already.

Mike Roberts: Why don’t you mind your own FUCKING business before I bash your fucking head in? Keep em coming.

Roberts literally has just one more beer served to him by the frightened bar tender and smashes the bottle on the counter when finished. He threatens several patrons and security staff with it before hitting the exit.

Fade out

The next day.

Roberts looking completely different is now wearing a white suit with a dark blue dress shirt, no tie, black wingtip shoes and a pair of brown aviator sunglasses he does appear hung over a bit and appears to be overlooking the water front of a large estate . He is joined by his manager Jon Tees who is wearing a royal blue suit, with a black shirt, golden colored tie and oxblood colored shoes with dark blue socks that match the pants. Tees is also wearing sunglasses only his are black. Initially joined by several beautiful women and something of an entourage Tees dismisses these people and gets serious as he begins speaking.

Tees:  Management I don’t know your identity but you sir or madam are indeed a fool. My group The Age Of The Renegade exists to serve and protect this place from all threats foreign and domestic  and yet you’ve vilified us for some reason and labeled us a “problem” that needs to be “solved.” You seek to “divide and conquer” as the old saying goes and have not only put myself and Marvin Fuller in other matches but have also barred me from being in the corner of Mike Roberts as he takes on not one man but two in the form of “Viper” Vinny Gaso & “The Titan” Tiziano Giovanni better known as “The Problem Solvers.” But you see although I won’t be there physically I’ll be there in spirit and I’ve mentally prepared Mike for this situation a thousand times. You may think you’ve given The Problem Solvers a much better chance but in reality you’ve released a monster with no one to control it and now expect two mortal men to be able to contain and stop that monster it’s simply not going to happen happy to disappoint you.

Tees breaks and takes a sip of water.

Tees: What will happen is Mike Roberts will single handedly destroy The Problem Solvers and earn a spot in The Winter Rumble match. Marvin Fuller will knock Dave Wilson out in his match and I’ll once again defeat Mesterio Raine in mine, the three of us will work as a family, a unit or whatever you want to call us and eliminate the so called “competition” in The Winter Rumble match once that business is taken care of we’ll fight it out and  the best man will prevail and history will be made when either myself or one of my associates is crowned the very first Winter Rumble winner and thereby also the first AWE World Champion.

Roberts spoke from there.

Mike Roberts: Management you’re a fucking coward who hides behind a curtain assuming you even exist to begin with. Mickey you’re a sawed off dwarf who I’d have no problem using as a toilet brush. You think you’ve got one over on me? Think again morons because all you’ve done is piss me off and created a problem for “The Problem Solvers” that they can’t possibly solve. You’d need an army or two to so much as slow me down because neither of these two jabronis is going to be able to do so. I’m marching onward to victory and all you are ultimately doing is feeding two lambs to the big bad wolf. January 24th will go down as a very dark day for the four of you and a very bright day for The Age Of The Renegade.

Tees: Like always you’ve been warned and now the bell tolls for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling. Mike will start with the single handed elimination of The Problem Solvers and then we’ll take it from there.

Fade out.