Before Iced Over was “officially” booked.

Dressed in a royal blue suit with a black mock neck sweater and black wingtip shoes I stroll through the backstage area. I put on a matching royal blue fedora with black trim and prepare to leave when all of a sudden my ears figuratively catch fire as I overhear someone mention my name.  I hear two voices both of which sound familiar to me but I see no one, one voice I sort of recognize as belonging to Mickey The Midget and the other one I can’t really place but may have heard it before. I’ve been to a lot of places and have encountered a great many people during my travels. The second voice definitely had a ring to it, but as I stated it could have belonged to any number of people.

Mickey: So boss what do you plan to do about Tees? He and his men are incredibly disrespectful and have been making claims that they are protecting this place, yet they definitely aren’t working for us.

Unknown Voice: Well I believe it’s time that we taught Mr. Tees a well deserved lesson. He’s not running things around here I am and it’s time everyone realized this including Tees. So as punishment I’m putting him in a last man standing match against Mesterio Raine. I don’t believe Tees has ever defeated Raine though I could be wrong and I’ll make it for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. Tees has never been an Intercontinental Champion and he never will be going against Raine. Knowing his ego he’ll take it as an insult as that entitled prick believes that he belongs in the main event. Boy what a message that will send when he fails to win a mid card championship. (evil laugh)

Mickey: And what of his cohorts Roberts and Fuller?

Unknown Voice: Roberts is a disrespectful bitch. I don’t want him representing my company put him in a handicap match against The Problem Solvers and ban Tees and Fuller from ringside.

Unknown Voice: And as for Fuller he hasn’t really done anything to disrespect me but he elects to associate with Tees… you play with fire and you get burned this young man needs to learn that. Put him against Dave Wilson in a street fight.

Mickey: But boss Fuller is a competent former heavyweight boxer, he’s not at any sort of a disadvantage in this contest.

Unknown Voice: Don’t question my authority just carry out my orders!!. There is a lesson to be learned here and Fuller will learn it.

Mickey: Done!

Unknown: And another thing at 33 years old Tees is too old to be my World Champion so lets ensure that that doesn’t happen… come up with some contingency plans in the unlikely event that he does manage to squeak past Raine by the skin of his ass.

Mickey: Will do he won’t so much as touch the World or even The Intercontinental Championship and by proxy neither will anyone foolish enough to associate with him.

Unknown Voice: Just don’t let anyone find out we had this conversation.. It sounds a lot like discrimination… but in reality it’s ultimately what’s best for this place.

I heard the door open and tried to make a quick exit but apparently it wasn’t quick enough as Mickey managed to gain on me and approached with a shit eating grin on his face.

Mickey: Mr. Tees… and how might you be doing today?

Tees: Can’t really complain… I’ve been better and I’ve been a whole lot worse.

Mickey: Anyway… Management wanted me to give you the following news. You and your crew will be heavily featured At AWE’s first event Iced Over, your guy Fuller will take on Dave Wilson in a street fight. Mike Roberts will take on both members of The Problem Solvers In an elimination handicap match and saving the best for last you and Mesterio Raine will headline once more as you face off on a Last Man Standing match for the vacant Intercontinental Championship. Isn’t that incredible news?

Tees: It sure is pardon my lack of enthusiasm, but I have some other business to attend to. I just recently discovered that I’m going to be an uncle.

Mickey: Congratulations!!!

Tees: Thank you. Now I must be off and thank Management for the “opportunity” later.

I proceeded to leave the building, hop in my hummer and take off

Fade out.

After the “official announcement”  of The Iced Over card. I had arranged an interview with long time friend, personal interviewer and one time boss when I was an internet wrestling reporter Tony Carter of Carter wanted to interview me in regards to the recent situation I found myself in once again headlining a major event against an old nemeses. Carter appeared dressed formally in a black and white pinstripe suit with a light blue shirt and a red tie with black dress shoes. What little hair he had left on his shiny bald head was styled back in a ponytail. We shook hands and sat down on Carter’s studio.

Carter: Hello again ladies and gentleman my name is Tony Carter, and I’m here live with legendary professional wrestling manager-wrestler and promoter Jonathan Tees. Mr. Tees will once more be coming  out of retirement this Saturday Night, January 24th when he does battle at the inaugural AWE event entitled “Iced Over” he’ll be doing battle with long time rival Mesterio Raine. It’s not just any match it’s a Last Man Standing match and will also decide the very first AWE Intercontinental Championship and one of the remaining spots in The Winter Rumble match. Mr. Tees what are your thoughts sir?

Tees: Some people view this as some sort of a “punishment” for me as though I’ve done something naughty but I don’t see it this way at all. I see it as an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. The chance to not only end a long term rivalry on a high note by defeating Mesterio Raine but also to stamp my name on history by becoming the very first AWE Intercontinental Champion.  Many of the all time greats have held The Intercontinental Championship at one time or another. People like Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Don Muraco,  Pedro Morales, Pat Patterson,  Tim Jones, Big Ern, Big Badd Wolf, JJ Crawford and countless others. But do you know someone who hasn’t held it? Yours truly. Yeah, that’s right I have never personally been an Intercontinental Champion anywhere. Granted, I have managed several wrestlers to Intercontinental and equivalent championships but as stated I have never personally been an Intercontinental Champion. It’s something I always wanted to accomplish and I’d definitely like to rectify. I’ll have that opportunity this Saturday night when I face you Raine.

Carter: Certain  people don’t think you can win this match what do you say to them.

Tees: I’ve been doubted and have overcome those doubts  my entire life. Born with a mild form of cerebral palsy no one ever thought I would make it in this business… not only did it make it, but I’ve had a long and illustrious career. A career that still continues till this day and I see it lasting for many more years as both a wrestler and a manager. I know in my heart that I have what it takes to beat Mesterio Raine and I will prove it Saturday. Raine has never had the true Jon Tees experience he’s never faced me in a match where I could legally do whatever the fuck I wanted to him but he’ll have that experience sooner than he thinks and will remember it always.

Carter: Management seems to have it in for you.. thinks you’re “too old” and doesn’t believe you can be a top player here what would you say to him or her?

Tees: A lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. This guy is a coward who hides behind a curtain and lets a midget do his talking and fight his battles for him. I honestly couldn’t give a rats ass about what this guy thinks or what he does-says none of the crap that comes from him means a hill of beans to me. Just another doubter who will be proven wrong and forced to choke on his words.  Many have tried to eliminate me over the years but they obviously failed as I’m still standing tall and will continue to do so.  Whether anyone likes it, loves it or hates it I’m going to awaken Sunday morning with the Intercontinental Championship belt beside me and then I’m going to enter into The Winter Rumble match and do everything in my power to not only become The first Intercontinental Champion but the first World Champion as well. You have all been warned and the bells now toll for those who doubt me. When bells start tolling heads start rolling.

Carter: Thank you for your time Mr. Tees (shakes hand)

Tees: Don’t mention it.


Fade out.

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