An African American man who appears to be a boxer of some sort, apparent from the fact he’s dressed in boxing attire sans the gloves. Is shown bound and gagged on what appears to be a medium sized concrete drive way. The man’s fist are taped with white tape and he wears a pair of shiny black trunks with white trim, his name “Fuller” is written across the front in white lettering with “MF” written as a monogram on the lower section of his trunks. His boots match his trunks and are mid length. Suddenly Mr. Goldstein comes into view dressed in a black suit with a golden silk dress shirt, black tie, black wingtip shoes. Goldstein begins speaking or rather singing.

Mr. Goldstein: (Singing to the tune of It Had To Be You By Frank Sinatra) It had to be you… it had to be you… it had to be you-who-who-who… it had to be you… through process of elimination I’ve made the determination that it had to be you. Coo, coo, ca-choo… it had to be you.

Goldstein then approaches a steam roller and hops aboard.

Mr. Goldstein: You know… I’ve watched a lot of movies and television programs with people getting run over by these things and being squashed as flat as pancakes. I often wondered if I were to run someone over with one of them in real life if the same would result… I guess we’ll find out soon enough. You fucked with the wrong guy and now you’re going to pay the ultimate price for it. I guess you wish you wouldn’t have tried to extort me now… but it’s too late and there’s no turning back. Enjoy the final few moments of your pathetic life.

Fuller struggles to try and get free or alert help but to no avail.

Goldstein: (Singing once more.) It had to be you.

Fuller hopes for some sort of daring, last minute-second rescue… and provides himself with some assurance that Jon Tees is going to step in and pull Goldstein off of him… tell Goldstein once more that he’s made a mistake and that Fuller “Couldn’t possibly be the guy Goldstein is after.”  But Fuller at this point is more or less lying to himself, like the spouse, partner or child of someone who they hate having around who gets suspended from work-school, and tells themselves that after the suspension this person who they despise and yet remain with for reasons known only to them… will return to work-school and everything will be “fine” only for the person to return to work-school and get fired-expelled with no prospects for any other employment-educational opportunities in the near future. To the person who despises them the thought of being stuck with them 24/7 is a hellish nightmare, they try and lie to themselves and say it won’t happen, and then nine times out of ten it’s the exact outcome they end up with.  But unfortunately for Mr. Fuller this is exactly the case as he’s squashed flatter than a pancake in seconds and his time on this earth comes to an abrupt end. No daring rescue or escape. No last minute reprieve. Just someone threatening to do something to him and then following through with that threat.
Goldstein jumps off of the steam roller and looks down at Fuller’s crushed, barely recognizable remains.

Mr. Goldstein: Wow!, who would have guessed that life would really imitate art here? He’s even flatter than I imagined he’d be… and one thing is for certain he won’t be making anymore harassing phone calls.

Goldstein departs the area and oddly Jon Tees and Heinrich Von Tees emerge from a secluded location. They look down at Fuller’s remains.

Heinrich Von Tees: That poor son of a bitch. He had nothing to do with Goldstein’s harassment. Should we tell Goldstein?

Mr. Tees: No need to. But this has gone far enough I think it’s time we ended this experiment.

Heinrich Von Tees: But what of Fuller and the other victims?

Tees: All will be repaired… restored to better than new condition. But this experiment has not worked out at all as planned and has gone way too far.

Heinrich Von Tees: Maybe messing with this guy’s mind was a bad idea.

Tees: Ya think… Captain obvious?

Fade out

We join Goldstein who is waking up from an apparent coma as he lies in a hospital bed. His head wrapped in bandages, his body hooked to machines. By his bedside sit his two stable mates and tag team partners Jon Tees and Heinrich Von Tees.

Goldstein: What…. What The Fuck Happened?

Tees: Relax… You’re in the hospital… you got shot in the head and were in a coma for the last couple of days… you’re all better now… new and improved you might say.

Goldstein: I had  the strangest dreams… they all seemed so real… it felt like I was losing my mind but at the same time my actions felt right… like they were somehow justified.

Tees: That’s all they were dreams… the drugs they pump into you during these medically induced comas nothing more. (Looks over and gives Von Tees a nod of some sort.)

Von Tees: Get well soon Goldstein… We’re a family and things haven’t been the same without you.

Tees: We’re going to be going now… lot of media appearances and I’d like to work on getting back into ring shape before EW officially debuts. You’ll be back at best in no time.

Goldstein: I don’t really remember being shot in the head at all but the other stuff is vivid as anything, the assaults, stabbings and murder I committed all because someone was trying to extort money from me.

Tees: Like I said all in your head from the medication.

Oddly, a nurse at that precise moment gives Goldstein a dose of something that causes him to drift off to dreamland.

Von Tees: Should we tell him?

Tees: Tell him what?

Von Tees: You know the truth?

Tees: Truth is subjective and he doesn’t need to know… his mind was somewhat broken from us toying with it… and now it’s fixed I learned that the experiment I was trying to run was futile and have abandoned it.

Fade out with Goldstein looking as though he is going to wake but then drifting back to sleep.