We begin with an in progress assault in the locker room being conducted by Mr. Goldstein. Goldstein dressed in his wrestling gear is bashing one of the luchador wrestlers in the knee with a led pipe. The man screams and curses in Spanish as Goldstein continues the assault.

Mr. Goldstein: So you like to make prank phone calls and threaten people over the phone do you? How’s it feel to be standing (laughs evilly) I mean in the presence of the person you so “boldly” harassed and threatened over the phone? Not so tough now are you?

Goldstein again slams the man in the knee repeatedly before applying the figure four leg lock.

Goldstein: You’re never going to walk again if I have anything to say about it… and perhaps I’ll work on shutting you up once I finish with destroying this part of your anatomy.

The man howls in agony as Goldstein continues applying the figure four, people come in and try and break it up… finally Goldstein’s manager Jon Tees enters the room dressed in a black and white pinstripe suit, light blue dress shirt, sans a tie and black wingtip shoes.

What in the bloody fuck are you doing GOLDSTEIN? Knock it off … break that hold immediately!!!

Goldstein: But this man has been harassing and threatening me over the phone… I used a private eye to track him and he needs to be taught a lesson.

Tees: This man doesn’t speak English… He was a highly sought after talent out of Mexico and would have made a great edition to Elite Wrestling. I was even scouting him for a possible spot in The Syndicate.

Goldstein breaks the hold

Goldstein: My apologizes I had no idea.

Tees: What the hell is wrong with you?

Goldstein: I don’t know about you… but I personally don’t care for being harassed at home late at night especially as I’m trying to sleep after a rough day.

Tees: I understand completely… but you need to hire a better detective there isn’t any possible way this could be your guy and you’ve ruined any probability of him working here… though people like him are a dime a dozen so he could easily be replaced… but still sort of sucks that the career of an innocent man was ended for no real reason.

Goldstein: Sucks for him… but look at it this way… less competition when this place actually starts some sort of event to crown a champion.

Tees: Good point… I’ll get this mess cleaned up but you might want to get out of here.

Fade out with Goldstein leaving and Tees remaining behind.