Goldstein dressed to the nines in a royal blue and white pinstripe suit with a pair of oxblood shoes and a golden color dress shirt with a black silk tie. Comes out of a fine dining establishment with two beautiful women, one on each of his arms. These women could easily be Playboy Playmates or world renowned super models. One is blonde and wearing a golden colored dress and matching high heals and the other a redhead in a black dress with matching shoes. Both dresses seem to sparkle. As the three prepare to enter into a long black stretch limo, they are approached by a shabbily dressed African American woman. The woman attracts Goldstein’s attention and hands him a small information packet that says the following. “I am a deaf person selling deaf information packets… please purchase one… pay any price you’d like.”
Goldstein thinks for a second he could easily afford a sizeable donation. But mulling this over in his head, turns his pleasant mood to an angry one.
Mr. Goldstein: You are  deaf correct? Is that the gist of this?The woman nods yes.Mr. Goldstein: Well then, read my lips since you cannot hear the words coming out of my mouth…. GET A FUCKING JOB.

The two women on Goldstein’s arms laugh as the three depart into the limo.

Fade out.

Later that evening while again appearing to turn in Goldstein’s phone begins to ring. He answers.

Mr. Goldstein: Hello… Hello. Not this again.

Goldstein slams down the receiver and prepares to head off to slumber now dressed in a pair of golden colored silk pajamas with a black monogram.

The phone rings yet again… Goldstein reluctantly answers.

Goldstein: HELLO… what in tarnation do you want?

Voice: I saw what you did… to the Mexican and the old deaf woman… you are a horrible, disgrace of a human being… you don’t deserve to live and I aim to see that your miserable, pathetic excuse of a life comes to an end shortly… unless of course you pay me in which cause all will be overlooked and forgiven.


Mr. Goldstein: Just come out and tell me who you are and I’ll send you to your demise quickly and painfully… but at least it won’t last particularly long.

Voice: That’s for me to know and you to find out… but you have gotten warmer… I am indeed a roster mate in Elite Wrestling. And in fact you might even say we’re closer than you might even realize. We’ve competed in the same rings, shared the same locker rooms, dined in the same establishments and have quite the history together. But unless you pay me… soon you’ll be dead and to throw off suspicion I’ll “mourn” you the most for a while and then you’ll be forgotten you rotten, worthless, piece of shit.

Goldstein: Meet me in the locker room… tomorrow at around 3pm. You’ll have your money… this needs to stop. This sort of harassment for such a meager amount of money… hardly seems worth it.

Voice: But how can I trust you won’t try to pull something? As a matter of fact go head and try it… you won’t succeed.

Mr. Goldstein: You have my word… tomorrow at 3.

Voice: It’ll be the first of many, ten grand payments for remaining silent on your many, many, many perversions and other indiscretions.

3PM EST the next day. Wearing a black pinstripe suit with a white shirt and a black tie and black wingtip shoes Goldstein arrives at the locker room with a bag full of cash. To his surprise the person who shows up is none other than Frank Brophy, a one time tag partner, one time opponent.

Goldstein: So it is you who is blackmailing and extorting me. You want me dead and feel I’d be better off… let’s see how you enjoy being dead.

Goldstein then quickly pulls out a knife and stabs Brophy repeatedly. Brophy falls to the floor as Goldstein continues to stab him before being pulled off by Jon Tees among other people.

Tees: Again… What The Fuck Are You Doing Goldstein?

Goldstein: I found the guy… I’m going to kill the son of a bitch let me at him!.

Tees: That can’t be him… Brophy is a mute he can’t be the person threatening you. Why don’t you call the cops and hire better security this whole thing is driving you nuts. Get out of here and I’ll take care of this.

Goldstein drops the knife and leaves. Just as he walks past a payphone it rings and for some reason he picks it up.

Voice: Do you really think I’m that stupid? Just show up there alone after threatening you. I do find it funny the way you’ve made an ass of yourself and seriously injured and maimed people who were perfectly innocent.


Voice: Laughs evilly… good luck with that. You’ll be in the loony bin or prison soon enough if you keep going down this route.

Fade out.

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