Jon Tees stands before you dressed rather casually and oddly. He sports an emerald colored polo shirt, with a golden colored monograph with his initials “JRT” in a York style, a pair of navy pants, and a pair of navy suede oxfords with lime green laces. His shirt is untucked and this is a rather unusual manner of dress for a man who usually dresses formally though he still appears rather stylish.  The backdrop Tees stands against is simple, simply his name written out in similar golden text as his shirt against a royal blue background. He immediately begins speaking.

Tees: Jacob… Jacob… Jacob.. You’ve been throwing out this challenge for nearly two weeks and no one has accepted. Do you want to know why? It’s rather simple really… so simple in fact that even someone with a third grade education, much like the slew of candidates running for president in 2016 can understand it… no one and I mean know one knows who the fuck you are.  And you’re talking all of this trash as though you’re some sort of legend… some sort of icon… someone like yours truly who has beaten the best and the so called “best” time and time again and continues to do so.

Tees pauses and takes a pull from his bottled water.

Tees: But don’t worry… I’m going to make you famous.. I’ll even make you the legend that you seem to believe yourself to be… consider your challenge accepted.. but not by me… or any of my main guys… at least not yet anyway. Like I said you are a stranger to me and most people.. I don’t know who you are and quite frankly couldn’t care less…. but I will provide you with an opportunity to prove yourself and show the world that you are as great as you perceive yourself to be.

Tees: You see I have this guy, someone who once upon a time was making quite the name for himself in this business. But his career hit a little bit of a snag… you see about five or six years ago two stupid sons of bitches decided to test him in a bar fight they’re pushing up daisies  and lets just say and he’s at the tail end of a stint in a maximum security prison. Anyway, long story short he’s getting out soon and will be looking to reestablish the legacy that got a bit sidetracked.  This is the man you’ll be facing… but here’s the kicker… you aren’t going to know this man’s identity until match time.  So although you now know that this person is a male fresh out of prison you won’t know one damn other thing about him. Prove yourself against this mystery man and if you impress me maybe.. just maybe I’ll put you against one of my regular guys and may even grant you the privilege of getting into the ring with yours truly the legend himself. I accept your challenge on behalf of this man… but he’ll be coming to destroy you and end your pitiful existence… you have been warned and the bells now toll for you… and when bells start tolling heads start rolling.

Fade out with Tees laughing evilly.

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