(I lay on the floor bleeding to death having been shot and then repeatedly stabbed. I responded to a distress call about a woman screaming and found myself set up and ambushed by a whore and her pimp. The pimp used the whore as bait acting like he was going to slit her throat when I tried to aid her she stabbed me and he shot me rinse and repeat . It was all an elaborate hoaxto rob and ultimately kill me and it appears to have succeeded. I thought back on my life, things I had done , things I didn’t do, friends, enemies typical shit of that nature that goes through a person’s mind as they are close to death. My eyes closed and I slipped into unconsciousness. I was declared dead but my death in the case for the pimp and his whore were not the end merely only the beginning.  To give you a summary, I tormented and harassed them for weeks driving them to the brink of insanity. It started with phone calls and continued with stalking, knocking on their doors only for them to find no one there. Revealing myself a bit and then disappearing making them think they had lost their minds. After I became bored with this I set up the final confrontation with them luring them to a phone booth near the alley where I was killed. Long story short I brutally killed the both of them as part of that whole “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, life for a life.” thing. With them dead I was able to return to the mortal world and it was as though nothing had ever transpired the two pieces of shit never existed and I never died or so it seemed anyway. I am currently on my house boat sailing around lake Michigan on a gorgeous summer afternoon. Dressed in a light blue polo shirt with a pair of khaki pants and boot shoes, I am also wearing avatar glasses in a black color. Tony Carter my father’s long time personal interviewer is with me along with a camera man. Carter is dressed in dark gray suit with a light blue colored dress shirt and a red tie, black shoes and generally unprepared for a boating trip. He began speaking directly to the camera man.)


Tony C: Hello again peons, peasants and piss-ants…. It’s me…. it’s me… Mr. Wrestling Tony C and I’m here live with the future of this company and this business the son of the legendary Jon Tees… Devastation. Big D how does it feel to be back here in Fantasy Entertainment?


Devastation: Fan fucking tactic Tony. I really sort of missed this place. I know it’s under another name now but it’s ultimately run by the same people and many of the same people compete here making it vastly similar to the place I remember. The place I should have been a multiple time world champion but was never granted the opportunity. The place where reverse nepotism held me down and held me back. People hated my father and took it out on me. But this is a new dawn of a new day. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the opponents I’m being fed they are still the same sort of bottom feeders I’ve unfortunately have become accustomed to. People who offer little to no competition and barely put up a fight assuming they show up at all.


Tony C: Like this War person?


Devastation: Exactly… yet another nobody from nowhere who is being placed in the ring with the golden goose, the franchise, the face of this company. This guy hasn’t been anywhere or done anything he hasn’t beaten anyone of any significance. His claim to fame is being a mentally unbalanced psycho path the likes of which everyone has seen a million times before. I’m sick of fighting people like this everywhere I go, people who can’t hang and who aren’t noteworthy until after I’ve broken and destroyed them. This guy is no different than any of my previous victims, he  has the audacity to overlook and underestimate me in spite of the fact that he’s the underdog. Typical trademark of a scared man terrified for his life and trying to convince myself and everyone else that he has a chance but in reality he doesn’t, he knows it, I know it and even these pee brained fans know it. The only thing he’s going to get is a reality check and a trip to the hospital, possibly even the morgue.


Tony C: So what can we expect to see in this match?


Devastation: His blood being splattered all over the arena  and him being taught a lesson in humility. This guy is completely full of himself in spite of the fact that he isn’t shit in my eyes.  In the end he’ll be just another name on the long list of people who have been unfortunate enough to be on the other side of the ring from yours truly. I take brutality and carnage to a whole other level. The only person who is getting stretchered out of the arena is him. I can’t be hurt and I sure as shit can’t be killed… you can’t kill what’s already dead in the famous words of my father War… you have been warned and the bell now tolls for you and when bells start tolling heads start rolling see you Sunday you wanna be punk.


Tony C: Thank you very much for your time (shakes my hand)


Devastation: Don’t mention it… my actions will speak a lot louder than this blow hard’s words.


(Fade out)

Chocolate Delivery