(Empty black nothingness. I suddenly come into view as a shadowy figure. I am currently shirtless and wearing a black pair of denim jeans, with a pair of black and gray Nike sneakers. These details are unknown to you as I am sitting in very low light. I am also currently brandishing a knife for what purposes you do not know at the moment, and there is a tied up lamb sitting beside me.  I began immediately speaking. )


Devastation: War you have accused me of being   a “cheap imitation” of you but in reality it is you who is the knock off. I have been doing this for longer than you have even existed living your meaningless and purposeless life. I was born to do this, bred to do this and raised to be a champion. My father is one of the pioneers of this industry, a man who helped pave the way for countless competitors and a man who has given life to this very promotion where we now compete and you act as though I’m some insignificant nobody or nothing? You must have me confused with yourself.


Devastation: You have more in common with this lamb than you have with me you worthless wanna be. For you see you much like this lamb are on route to your slaughter, your demise. I’m going to break you, I’m going to destroy you and above all else I’m going to devastate you. By the night’s end you will know my name as your superior and as the ruthless phenom that I am. I will show you neither mercy nor compassion all I’ll show you is how relentless I can truly be and how much damage I can do to another human being when I put my mind to it.


(I slit the throat of the lamb eliciting one last gasp and a splatter  of blood as the scene fades to black.)