(You inbreeds and ignoramuses are currently gazing out upon a parking lot. Suddenly I drive up in a royal blue, Rolls Royce convertible. I pull into a reserved parking spot which says “Mr. Goldstein.” In large gold leathers. In my passenger seat sits my manager and occasional tag team partner Mr. Tees. Tees as always is wearing a royal blue colored three piece suit with a golden colored dress shirt and white and black patterned tie. His shoes are black and shiny. As for yours truly I am wearing a black three pieced suit with gray pinstripes. A white dress shirt and a red silk tie along with golden framed classic aviator sunglasses with brown reflective lenses. I am carrying me the “Real world’s championship.” Belt which to refresh your memory looks very much like the famous “Big Gold” belt currently known as The WWE World Heavyweight Championship with the exception of my belt being white gold and having royal blue straps. Myself and Tees get out of the car and begin walking toward the building to do a scheduled interview with Tony Carter a long time personal interviewer and associate of Tees. Myself and Tees move down the hallway and finally come upon Carter who has already set up the equipment for this interview. Carter is dressed in a pair of khaki pants and a lime green colored Ralph Lauren polo shirt. He looks more like he is going to a holiday picnic than preparing to interview the rightful world champion. )


Mr. Tees: Bad form Mr. Carter you do not come to interview the world champion without looking your best.

Tony Carter: I do apologize gentleman I (cut off by Tees)

Mr. Tees: I don’t pay you to hear your excuses go and put on a suit or this interview will not take place.

Tony Carter: Very well.


(Carter leaves for a time and comes back wearing a charcoal colored suit with white pinstripes, black dress shoes and a blue dress shirt with a red tie.)


Mr. Tees: Much better now you look prepared to interview the champion.


Tony Carter: Are you ready to begin?

Mr. Tees: Of course we are ready.


(Cameras begin rolling.)


Tony Carter: Hello ladies and gentleman it’s me Mr. Wrestling Tony C and I’m here live with the  man, the myth, the legend the man who needs no introduction… the one and only Jon Tees. And his associate the self-proclaimed “real world’s champion.” “The Undisputable” Mr. Goldstein.


Mr. Tees: There’s nothing self-proclaimed about Mr. Goldstein’s world championship. Goldstein’s title is the rightful world championship and Mr. Goldstein is the rightful world heavyweight champion.. It’s a fact look it up.


Tony C: Moving forward Mr. Tees you and Mr. Goldstein are going to be competiting in tag team action against Psycho Asylum(Sammie/Synn) and The Uprising(Ronnie Styles/Monster) in a TLC match. But you two have been making claims that you despise hardcore wrestling and are going to abolish it. How does appearing in a match with hardcore implications where careers have been ended going to accomplish that?


Mr. Tees: Well it’s relatively simple so simple in fact that even the simple minded fans of ESW can easily understand it. Sometimes in life you simply have to fight violence with violence and resort to barbaric methods in order to achieve victory. Myself and Goldstein are not afraid to get our hands dirty in order to further our cause which is bringing an end to garbage wrestling once and for all.


(Carter seems a bit perplexed by this.)

Mr. Tees: (Laughs) Psycho Asylum, Uprising you have been at each other’s throats since the days of Anarchy Wrestling and your hatred and disdain continues till this day. Neither one of you have been able to rid yourselves of the other. But you need not worry as myself and Mr. Goldstein will do each of you a favor by eliminating the other. Once this match concludes both the Psycho Asylum and the Uprising will be no more. There with be one team standing The Prestige Myself and Mr. Goldstein. We are going to bring Prestige and honor to the tag team championships of the ESW and over time prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Mr. Goldstein is the rightful champion, the rightful golden goose of this promotion. The cream always rises to the top.


Tony Carter: Mr. Goldstein do you have anything to say?


Mr. Goldstein: Mr. Tees said it all exquisitely myself and Mr. Tees will emerge from this battle victorious. To abolish hardcore wrestling you need to eliminate a few hardcore wrestlers. If there are none of these so called “wrestlers” left the style will simply die and we can replace it with true professional wrestling. Contests of skill, hold versus hold, maneuver versus maneuver. The Uprising and Psycho Asylum will be annulated, obliterated, destroyed by the superior tag team myself and Mr. Tees collectably known as The Prestige. That is all I have to say this interview is over you are all dismissed depart from me your rightful world heavyweight champion.


(Carter is about to speak again)


Mr. Tees: You heard the man Carter vamoose.


(Myself and Tees exist the building ignoring several fans who approach us for autographs. Knowing that they likely won’t pay and if you do not have the dime we do not have the time. We exit the building, get back into the Rolls Royce and drive off.)


(The end)