(A sharply dressed Jon Tees stands against an old school style backdrop featuring the Honorbound  colors and logo. Tees is dressed in a black suit with gray pinstripes, with a golden colored sport shirt. His shoes are black and shiny but you can’t see them as the camera seems to focus only on the upper part of his body. He carries a foreign championship belt over his shoulder. The strap appears to be royal blue and the plates white gold, silver or platinum. The name across the middle plate is clear and reads “Goldstein” Tees simply begins speaking addressing his attention directly toward the camera.)


Mr. Tees: Greetings again  inbreeds and inferior morons, I am Mr. Tees the greatest agent and manager in wrestling today…. I represent your first and only World Heavyweight Champion… Mr. Goldstein. Mr. Goldstein has yet to debut or compete in a match here, but I am so confident that Mr. Goldstein will destroy everyone who stands in his way forcing them to bow before him like the king that he is, that I have gone out and invested my own money in this brand new championship belt. This belt is above and beyond any other championship that there has ever been and is certainly more valuable than that worthless piece of crap that the  JTPW championship committee considers to be the “official championship title.”


(Tees pauses and then smiles sarcastically.)


Mr. Tees: But before Goldstein makes it official and becomes your world champion… your king in the battle royal he must step in the ring with that poser “Deadly” Donnie Spoon a man who is nothing more than a want to be… a cheap imitation of everything Goldstein is.  Spoon considers himself to be a “Wrestling Purest” but Mr. Goldstein is wrestling… he invented and pioneered the classic old school style of the 40’s and 50’s and will reinvent it in the present time replacing all of this hardcore garbage. What JTPW currently produces is not wrestling it’s crap… people hitting each other over the head with chairs, baseball bats, etc., scantily clad women….. raunch, filth and debauchery you name it JTPW has it but the one thing it lacks is good old fashioned wrestling… two men going into that squared circle and having a contest with the better wrestler prevailing and coming out on top. Mr. Goldstein is exactly that  a wrestler and in fact he’s the best wrestler in the whole fucking world… he’s not a sports entertainer nor is he a suicidest or whatever this place refers to miscreants who work here.


(Tees suddenly stops talking about whatever the hell he’s been talking about and goes off on a tangent.)


Mr. Tees: You scream, I scream we all scream for Goldstein. His fans scream and cheer his name with the adulation and respect that he truly deserves. The women scream his name with pleasure and passion and his opponents scream his name in pain and terror. You Mr. Spoon  will scream for Goldstein just like so many others who have been unfortunate enough to stand across that ring from him. He’ll twist and break your ligaments just because he can and will have you feeling like William Wallace at the end of Bravehart as his body was being pulled apart.  You’ll be begging and pleading for the nightmare to be over but it won’t be until we are good and ready to alleviate your suffering and put you out of your misery. Goldstein is going to have his way with you  like a passed out high school cheerleader at a college fraternity party. You aren’t even going to get out of the gate before this man start putting you in painful maneuvers that you have never seen nor  experienced before. You’re going to be in so much pain it’ll be beyond any sort of description… pain you never thought you could ever experience in your life. Just for kicks I’ll have him twist you up like a pretzel just because he can. You can’t out wrestle this man… you can’t out fight him he can beat you in so many ways on so many levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. There’s nowhere where he doesn’t have you licked and can’t make a fool out of you. Prepare to be embarrassed, humiliated and above all else seriously injured in ways you never imagined. This man can hurt you in parts of your body that you didn’t even realize you had.


(Just then a sharply dressed man with slicked back blonde hair wearing black three piece suit with a navy colored shirt and dark aviator  sunglasses walks into the picture. Tees and this man shake hands and it becomes apparent that this is indeed the famous Mr. Goldstein.)


Mr. Goldstein: SPOON… you will bow before me and kiss my ring either willingly or by force. I am the golden goose of this promotion the man who will carry it on his broad shoulders to new heights… heights that it could never before reach nor would it ever reach without me. I detest hardcore wrestling or “garbage wrestling” as I call it. So I won’t defeat you with a trash can or a steel chair to the head… I’m going to defeat you with wrestling… pure unadulterated wrestling. You don’t have half of my skill, any of my cunning and completely lack my intestinal fortitude… or  willingness to go that extra mile above and beyond what needs to be done.  You will be defeated and defeated soundly in a wrestling contest…. Against a man who practically invented wrestling…. That of course being yours truly.

( Goldstein cracks a pompous and arrogant smile)


Goldstein: Spoon my talent is undisputable I am truly the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots and put on a pair of trunks and you… and everyone else will find out exactly why I was chosen to be the savior of this fledgling promotion. I will save this place and remake it in my image with prestige, honor, class and dignity and let’s not forget traditional wrestling.


(Tees presents Goldstein with the championship belt that he arrogantly believes will represent the championship of the world in spite of the fact that Goldstein has yet to wrestle a single match here…. as the scene fades)