A young Hispanic boy is shown laying awake in his bed terrified of the bizarre noises he keeps hearing. The sounds of people talking at a distance yet seeming so close, footsteps from heavy boots on the ceiling, creaking noises and so on, so forth. The boy looks as though he’s no older than five or six. Finally after he sees what appears to see his closet door beginning to open with a hand sticking out he begins yelling.




The boy’s mother a thick Latina with long dark hair enters the room. 

Mother: Hector… go back to sleep you just had a bad dream. There’s nobody in there… here I’ll show you.


The mother opens the closet door and flicks on the light revealing nothing aside from old clothing and toys.  The mother finally settles her son down and gets him to fall back to sleep. The mother is followed heading toward the restroom. On the way she rips several loud audible farts and says something in Spanish proceeding to giggle. She enters the restroom and does her business. As she exits there is a hideous face of what appears to be an old hag in the mirror which she doesn’t see but everyone else does. Half of the face looks typical with intact flesh but yet the other half looks like it  has begun to decompose. The face laughs demonically. Finally the mother returns to bed. We head back into Hector’s room and he appears to be sleeping soundly now until he is awoken by a massive figure standing over him. The figure is none other than Das Ungeheuer. 


Das Ungeheuer: Come with me and live forever.


Just as Hector is about to scream Das Ungeheuer does something resulting in the boy vanishing. Hector’s mother eventually comes back to check on him to notice that he’s gone and panics as any good mother typically would.


Fade out

Several hours pass and we are now transported to another time, another place. Centuries in the past. There is a rather small village or town surrounded by lakes, rivers and mountain ranges. The villagers/townspeople live in fear of a legendary monster or beast known as Das Ungeheuer which is said to have shape shifting ability and feed on both the flesh and the spiritual energy of human beings especially young children. Out of fear and terror the townspeople  try and make sure the monster is appeased and satisfied so that it remains happy and doesn’t wipe out their entire population. They compromise with the beast offering up their worst of the worst in exchange for the beast sparing the rest of them. This arrangement works out well for quite some time until one day the townspeople decide that they aren’t going to appease the monster any longer. Once they make this foolish decision Das Ungeheuer destroys the lot of them and wipes out any memory of the place and the people who lived there as though neither ever existed.


Fade out


We hear a rather demonic voice speaking as the camera travels along showing various famous landmarks at sunset and in total darkness. Not a single person is seen but this voice is heard.


Das Ungeheuer: I am a monster, a heartless, soulless beast. I am hungry and have come here to Jon Tees Pro Wrestling to feed and feed I shall. Blood, violence, gore, money, fame, championship gold and pussy are what I crave and I will use JTPW to obtain all that I desire. I cannot be stopped. I can only be appeased, but for some reason people don’t feel that they should have to appease me anymore. They don’t fear me as they once did, but rest assured all will learn to fear and tremble before me once more. Plague, Chris Harris  I’m going to start with the two of  you, you are nothing more than  lambs that will be led to their slaughter this coming Sunday evening. I’m going to destroy and devour you both in one fell swoop and then go on to win that battle royal. You haven’t any chance of salvation when I come to feed upon your flesh and your souls. Everything that you are will simply become a part of me making me even stronger as is the case with all of my victims.  You can try and run but I will catch you, try and hide but I will find you, try and fight but I am far more powerful than either of  you could ever possibly comprehend and neither of you asshats are a match for me on any level.


Das Ungeheuer: Harris I know you are a washed up has-been or never was is more like it, Plague  I know nothing about you whatsoever nor do I need to. You remind me quite a bit of those would be heroes who have tried to slay the monster only to end up as breakfast, lunch, dinner or a between meal snack. Many have tried, all have failed as even after all of these centuries I am still alive and more powerful than I have ever been, thanks in part to stealing the life force of all of my victims. No matter what either of you have accomplished in the past I can assure you I’m like no one you have ever faced, but I can’t say the same about you, because people like you are a dime a dozen. I have seen a few photos of you Plague , and you have one of those faces that people love to punch and rearrange. I mean, I myself while taking a look at one of your photographs thought about ripping your head right off of your shoulders, gouging out your eye balls and pissing down your dead skull… Yeah you’ve got one of those faces. Afterwards, I’d use your head as a soccer ball. Talk is cheap and so are your whore mothers and girlfriends. I’ll do the rest of my talking in the ring when I’m pounding your sorry asses from pillar to post. You aren’t going to stifle my plans of becoming champion and completely dominating this place.  You signed the contract so therefore I’m not responsible for what happens to you… Nightmares really do come true and not all monsters are make believe this is the lesson you will learn right before I tire of making you beg, plead and suffer for mercy from someone who has none and finish you off once and for all.


Fade out