( May 28th, 1988 exactly 26 years ago from the present date. Mr. Goldstein has just had a rather impressive outing against journeyman wrestler Steve Gator Wolf. Gator Wolf managed to execute some offense, but little of it had any effect on Goldstein. Eventually Goldstein began to physically dissect Gator Wolf’s leg attacking it with a vicious series of elbow drops, knee breakers and wrapping it around the ring post. At one point it looked as though Goldstein was planning on taking the leg home with him as a souvenir . Once Goldstein grew tired of toying with Gator Wolf in a manner similar to how a cat toys with it’s pray he easily applied a figure four leg lock for a quick submission. Goldstein raises his arms in victory and celebrates as Beethoven’s Fifth blares throughout the arena nearly drowning out the boos and jeers of the anti Goldstein crowd . Goldstein heads back to the locker room and prepares to hit the showers when a voice calls out to him, the voice sounds familiar but different somehow if that makes any sense. )

Voice: Goldstein, my man, another impressive and amazing victory, but let me ask you something how many Steve Gator Wolf’s must you defeat before you finally move up the card toward a position more deserving of a man of your many talents?

(Goldstein turns around to see a man he has never laid eyes on before in his life. The man is Jon Tees.)

Goldstein: Who Might You Be?

Tees: The name is Jon Tees. I’m looking to build an all-star team comprised of the greatest wrestlers of all time, you are indeed one of the greatest in my book so therefore I want you on it. There’s a lot of money involved in it.

Goldstein: Well you know me… money isn’t everything it’s the only thing. Count me in but do provide some more details what exactly would this entail. And how much money would be involved?

Tees: Come with me to 2014 and together along with the rest of the team we’ll reign supreme. The competition isn’t as fierce there as it is here. You’d simply do what you do best… wrestle…humiliate and hurt people. And as for the money I’d pay you a decent amount, enough that you can live like a king in your era but it wouldn’t really be all that substantial in 2014 due to inflation and cost of living.

Goldstein: You expect me to somehow come with you 26 years into the future? You have to be out of your ever loving mind. I think you need help my friend and I can see that you get the finest money can buy.

Tees: I have devised a way to travel through time and around the world easily. I will not divulge my secretes, but it does indeed work. I’m going to build an all star team as I stated earlier and I’d love for you to be on it.

(Goldstein looks at Tees as though he’s nuts but continues to the conversation due to the mention of money. Goldstein figures Tees for a loon he can financially take advantage of.)

I want to be captain of this team and on top of that I want enough money that I can live like a king in any time period regardless of inflation. I’m accustomed to a certain lifestyle and want to continue living that lifestyle now and in the future including way into the future.

Tees: Consider it done. I know you think me mad but I’m going to prove it to you.

(With the mere snap of his fingers Goldstein and Tees flash forward through time they are now in the present. Goldstein is shocked at the changes in technology right off of the bat, large cell phones have been replaced by small pocket sized phones, televisions once considered large are now considered small in comparison to much larger television sets. Another thing that immediately captures Goldstein’s attention is the nearly universal acceptance of people living alternative lifestyles, something that would have been unheard of in most places during Goldstein’s time. )

Goldstein (Looking as though he’s going to have a heart attack or stroke.): You’ve convinced me friend we are definitely in the distant future at least to me. I can’t believe you were able to pull this off.

Tees: I told you I could and delivered on that promise. Now all that I want from you is for you to become apart of my team and help me dominate. As I mentioned a little while ago the competition here isn’t as fierce as it was in the late 80’s the wrestlers aren’t as good or as solid as they were back then so you really shouldn’t have any trouble assisting me in this endeavor.

(Tees then presents Goldstein with a check with large figures on it. It’s more money than Goldstein has ever seen in his life. He nearly faints at the sight of it. Goldstein then signs a contract and he and Tees shake on it. )

Tees: Here you’ll be a champion as opposed to wasting your time with people who couldn’t carry your jock strap. There aren’t any politics and the best wrestlers always come out on top.

(Fade out)

( March of 1986)

(We come upon Das Ungeheuer who is celebrating an impressive and dominating win over Barry Horowitz. During the match he cut a boxed promo on Hulk Hogan his scheduled opponent at WrestleMania 2 the entire promo was in German. He celebrates his nearly effortless victory. He heads back into the locker room and this would prove to be the final time he’d ever be seen for the next 28 years. It is here he mysteriously disappears out of existence or so it seems. He reappears in the present standing next to Jon Tees. )

Heinrich Von Tees (With a heavy German accent): Where am I, who are you, what is going on?

Tees: Relax it’s me Jon your relative.

Von Tees: That’s impossible Jon is only five.

Tees: I come from your future what is now considered the present. I have brought you here and have a proposition for you.

Von Tees: What is going on? I feel you are lying.

Tees: I’m not lying relax, take a chill pill.

(Tees somehow manages to prove to the monster that he is legit and that this is the future by like with Goldstein exposing him to some of the new technology and changes that have been undergone. )

Tees: How would you like to be champion of the world and make a lot of money?

Von Tees: I would love it but was on the verge of doing so in the 80’s I was going to destroy Hogan at WrestleMania 2

Tees: No you weren’t. What would have happen would have been a scenario similar to the fate of every other Hogan opponent up until that point. You’d get some offense in, he’d no sell it, would Hulk up come back, kick you in the face drop that ridiculous leg across your throat and pin you for the 1 2 3. You’d fall to the wayside like so many others would be forgotten as you faded into obscurity and the next victim would be lined up to suffer the same fate. I spared you that fate and brought you to an era without those politics and without that top heavy competition. Here you’ll actually have a chance to dominate and be relevant without any of that bullshit.

Von Tees: You have the benefit of the doubt for now but if you swerve me in anyway I’m going to rip your fucking throat out. I don’t care if you are actually a family member or a con man with a death wish. I’d have no reservations about taking your life I lack a soul or any compassion, empathy I am truly a monster.

Tees: Which is why I am looking to recruit you onto my team an all star team of the greatest wrestlers of all time. With you on board no one could stop us.

Von Tees: You have deal.

(The two men shake on it, Von Tees signs something and Tees presents him with a large check which is sizable to someone used to the relatively meager pay wrestlers receive in the 80’s. )

(Flash forward the tail end of a conversion of a similar nature between Jon Tees and Kevin Watkins. Tees and Watkins had been back and forth a bit as each has betrayed the other at some point, but once Tees offers Watkins a chance to rule the world again and a large amount of money Watkins comes to forgive Tees’ past indiscretions provided that Tees of course can let bygones by bygones as it relates to those of Watkins which he’s more than willing to do.)

Tees: I see you as the franchise of this new upstart promotion Kevin and the captain of the team I am building an all star team, a virtual whose who of the greatest wrestlers from around the world and across time.

Watkins: Let me make one thing perfectly clear Tees, I don’t like you, I don’t trust you, I have never liked nor trusted you. This is simply business nothing more nothing less. I want to be world champion so very badly that I’d even be willing to sell my soul to a black hearted scoundrel like you. I like being apart of a team something that accepts me for who the fuck I am as I am without forcing me to conform to who and what they want and expect me to be, and your teams tend to accept all members equally so long as they get the job done.

(The two shake, Watkins signs and Tees pays. Tees is shown cracking an evil smile as we now flash forward to all four men standing around Tees’ desk in his office. Tees is sitting and the other men are standing around him. All of the men are dressed in suits. Tees’ suit is a dark gray pinstripe with a blue dress shirt and no tie. Watkins’ royal blue with a black dress shirt also without a tie. Goldstein’s is shark skin gray with a maroon dress shirt, no tie and brown aviator sunglasses and Von Tees is wearing a black pinstripe suit with a black dress shirt and dark sunglasses. Tees immediately speaks first.)

Tees: Peons, peasants and piss ants you know the fucking drill by now. What you see before you is the finest assembly of professional wrestling talent in the world today or at any point in history. I have put together an all star team of the best wrestlers from around the world and across time and will continue adding to it as time goes by. I call this assembly of talent The Syndicate. And we have come together with a common purpose to establish JTPW as the premier wrestling organization in the world today. It’s kind of hard to do that with a bunch of riff raff running around hence why we have come we are going to eliminate the undesirable elements and purify this promotion. You’ll find out what I mean as time moves forward if I were to lay out my entire plan it would go over most of your heads as you lack the intelligence to comprehend a plan of this magnificence.

Tees: Now onto this battle royal one of us is going to win it and win it easily that is all that you really need to know. We’ll be working in tandem as a team and one member of our team will emerge victorious and will become world champion. It matters not whether it’s yours truly, Watkins, Goldstein or The over seven foot tall monster here but you right this very second are looking at your next world champion and the man who will carry this promotion into the stratosphere and beyond.

Tees: (Laughs evilly) One by one all of our so called “competition” will be eliminated and taste the bitterness of defeat. You have all been warned and now the bell tolls for all who are not members of The Syndicate and when bells start tolling heads start rolling, and believe you me heads will surely roll in this battle royal.

(Fade out the other members say nothing just glare at the camera and communicate through body language as though they are in agreement (sort of) with what Tees is saying.)