(“Hail To The Chief” plays as we end up against the backdrop of a simulation of the oval office. Suddenly a desk chair spins around as an American flag lowers in the background. Kevin Watkins comes into view dressed in a royal blue suit with a white dress shirt and an American flag tie. Watkins begins speaking wasting little time.)

Kevin Watkins: My fellow Americans the state of Jon Tees Pro Wrestling is absolutely pitiful at the moment. There are no heroes, no role models, no one you can look up to and be proud of. All that there are, are a bunch of derelicts and outcasts. People who are weak and pathetic and give into their vices and addictions as though they are “normal and natural” and assume that everyone else is as weak and pathetic as they are. Many of the people on the roster have spent more time in prison than they’ve spent inside of a wrestling ring. And what’s worse you fans support these worthless people and enable them to continue on their incorrect courses toward a path of inevitable death and destruction. That’s all about to change. I’m going to give you what you so desperately need a true hero and role model. A man who served his country, who knows how to lead and provide you with guidance and direction. I will be coming to JTPW and entering into the invitational battle royal for the vacant JTPW Heavyweight Championship. I can assure you I am going to win that championship and then go on a campaign to put the wrestling back into Jon Tees Pro Wrestling. Say goodbye to the violent barbarianism you’ve become so accustomed to, say goodbye to the piss poor “role models” you’ve been force fed and have enabled. And say hello to your future JTPW Heavyweight Champion, your national hero, your savior Kevin Watkins

Kevin Watkins: You sad, sorry, wastes of life don’t know what’s good for you but I do and mark my words I’m going to give it to you. I didn’t fight for your freedom so you can squander it by wasting your lives engaging in mindless entertainment. You may not like what I’ll be forced to do but in the end you’ll thank me as I won’t be doing anything that isn’t for your own good. Good night America.

(Fade out as “Hail To The Chief” plays again.)

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