From The Prospective Of Kevin Watkins

Mother’s Day 2014

I had just purchased my mother a brand new Sony XBR65X900B 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV for mothers day and even paid extra for scheduled delivery and set up. She was thrilled as was I. For reasons not exactly known to me, I decided to invite a couple of friends over to show off the fantastic gift that I had purchased for my mother. Those friends more or less included my brothers in The Syndicate Jon Tees and his relative, thought I’m not sure how they are related and neither will say Heinrich Von Tees. Noticeable by his absence was Mr. Goldstein,, who supposedly was in New York City on business. To be honest Goldstein doesn’t particularly care for me. Von Tees doesn’t either, but at least he’ll set foot in my house especially when free food is involved. Goldstein on the other hand always has some excuse as to why he can’t be present when I’m hosting an event or get together. I have always found this a bit odd as Heinrich has the reputation of being the loner of the group. As we watched The Phillies piss away a three run lead to the sorrow ass Mets, Tees commented on how much he liked my television several times in fact Heinrich said absolutely nothing, just kept eating and giving me nasty looks rather rude for a guest if I’d say so myself.

Finally several hours had passed, we had dinner, dessert and several drinks, The Phillies found a way to lose a game they should have dominated and Tees and Heinrich got up and prepared to leave. I went into the other room to assist my mother with cleaning up when to my surprise I heard the sounds of what appeared to be a struggle of sorts coming from the living room. I went back in to notice both of my remaining guests hoisting up my brand new television set and preparing to leave with it. It was then that I went to confront them, I honestly couldn’t believe what was going on.

Tees: I like your TV Watkins so I’m taking it.
Kevin Watkins: But you can’t, I paid for that get your own.
Tees: This is mine remember Watkins you’re in debt to me and until your debt is paid in full whatever is yours is mine.
Watkins: But
Tees: But nothing.


Von Tees proceeded to growl at me and I became frozen with fear. I had no choice but to watch two men walk out of my house with a brand new television set that I had just purchased days earlier for my mother. A television set might I add that had not even been released to the public yet. I called in a favor to get one of these amazing sets ahead of everyone else. I was angry needless to say, pissed even. But what could I really do? Tees was my boss in more ways than one. Not only did he employ me and provide me with the money to live the kind of life that I like to live he also managed my career and quite well in fact. I was now living a lifestyle that I had never previously thought possible. A far cry from the slums of Detroit where I grew up being raised by a single mother who was often high on crack. These days she’s cleaned up her act and we are both doing better.

It wasn’t so much the television set. I could always just buy another one, but it was more or less the principal of another man coming into my home as a guest and then just bluntly taking shit, helping himself and daring, defying me to do anything about it. But being the reasonable person that I am there really wasn’t much if anything I could do not without losing my job and possibly even my health. I decided to channel my anger in a more positive and productive way. By cutting a promo the old fashioned way. A promo for the upcoming invitational battle royal to determine the fate of the JTPW Heavyweight title. A battle royal I plan to win solidly to prove to Tees that I really am the franchise and golden goose of this promotion and that I’m not to be trifled with or taken lightly. Perhaps one day he would respect me.

I headed down into my finished basement with a bar, pool table, arcade games, another big screen television but not as big as the one stolen and several comfortable chairs. I entered a room on the far end of the basement a room I had dubbed “my promo room.” this is a room where I cut nearly all of my state of the art promos when I’m outside of the arena. Dressed in my ring attire I felt like doing something simple and old school. I set my logo which is my face over an American Flag with my name spelled out in white lettering across it in the background and set up a camera. I began speaking.

Kevin Watkins: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages my name is Kevin Watkins and I am your future World Heavyweight Champion. I’m both a national hero and a national treasure. I fought for my country, this great nation and now I will fight for the honor and the prestige of this company and it’s World Championship. I’m not about to allow the derelicts and rejects, those who don’t belong and who just don’t fit in line with the vision set forth for this company to soil the championship by laying their greasy, dirty, disgusting, unworthy hands upon it. I have entered myself in this battle royal and I will win it even if I have to single handedly eliminate each and every so called competitor who comes down the pike. I don’t care who it is whether it’s a ham and egger or a major “legend” if they get in my way they’ll be taking that long hard ride over the top rope and out to the floor. This also includes my so called “friends” or acquaintances whatever you wish to refer to them as. I don’t care if we are teammates or bitter enemies friendships go out the window once we get into that ring and especially when world championships are at stake. I don’t give a damn if any of you like it, love it or hate it, it’s the way it’s going to be “Big Sexy” Kevin Watkins will become your next World Heavyweight Champion and when I do the party will never stop.

Fade out with me laughing as a message rolls starting that this promo has been brought to you by “Big Sexy” Kevin Watkins.


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