(This is a dog eat dog business, ruthless and cutthroat, being ripped off on payouts and dealing with people who talk out of both sides of their mouths is par per the course. You can either make friends or you can make money as a wise man once said. That statement rings truer today more so than it ever has before, You are but a cheap imitation, a knock off if you will of everything that i actually am and the world will soon see it as I see it and know it as I know it, your time is limited)

(We begin in a forest on a dark and cloudy evening. A woman named Trinity dressed in a black cloak with a black leather corset and black, spike heel boots is shown running attempting to escape from me as I call out to her in my raspy, demonic voice.)

Westfile: Trinity

Trinity: Leave me alone… we’re finished.

Westfile: Trinity, you and I are soul mates you cannot escape me, it is our destiny to rule together over all this world and all others.

Trinity: Leave me be you son of a bitch!!!

(She continued to run but escape was futile as I have stated in the past I’m everywhere. I chased her into a clearing and it was at that point that she screamed loudly and then awakened to her “normal” life as a teenage high school student. She was comforted by her mother a single parent since her husband was killed during a tour of duty in Afghanistan several years ago, who assured her it was “just a dream” told her “breakfast was ready” and that it was “time to get ready for school”.

(I dispersed from her subconsciousness for the time being to attend to some other business, vowing to return later. I knew she would be exhausted from the lack of sleep during to my regular appearances in her nightmares and no doubt would eventually fall asleep in class, at which point I would strike and finish what I had set out to do. Hours passed and my hunch had proven correct, she had fallen asleep in study hall, it started out with a few pleasant and mundane dreams, putting her into a relaxed state where she was comfortable enough to begin passing gas in her sleep, gas which several of the perverted and horny boys, and some of the girls had noticed and actually began inhaling the sick fucks, one boy got an erection because of it visualizing himself sticking his dick into her farting asshole. It was at this point I made me appearance she in the dream was in the ladies room sitting on the toilet when she came out the lights were out and my face, my hideous fucking face was in the mirror. )

Westfile: TRINITY, Trinity, Trinity



(I reached through the mirror and grabbed her, she was back in her grown dominatrix form at this point. She tried to scream and get away but I managed to pull her in bringing her with me into the other side of the mirror. The girl Samantha awoke from her dream, the presence of Trinity no longer inhabiting her body. Trinity was now mine and Samantha was free from her no longer would she have to share her earthly body with a spirit that belonged to me and was mine to own, mine to control. )

(Fade out)

(We are now in a dark basement where the only light is dim candlelight, that flickers casting shadows on the walls. We see the shadow of a goat that appears to be struggling in vain for it’s freedom chained up as Todd Westfile comes into view once again wearing a black fedora with a matching suit jacket, a pair of blue denim jeans, and a button up denim shirt, with black cowboy boots.   Westfile brandishing what appears to be a dull bladed sword that is a bit rusty begins speaking as though he is well aware of the presence of the camera. The flickering lights barely show Westfile’s face. )

Todd Westfile: Phillip, Phillip, Phillip, you believe yourself to be of another world and I shall send you to another world, but not a world you’re willing to go to, it’ll be a place you’ll want to leave but there shall be no escape. You are a pathetic attempt at a parody of myself and a cheap imitation and for making a mockery of everything I stand for I shall make an example out of you.  You’re a gimmick thief who poorly attempted to steal my gimmick, someone who has patterned yourself after me and I am anything but flattered by your poor imitation. You like everyone else will fall to your knees and beg for mercy that doesn’t exist. For you see Phillip my idea of mercy is sawing your fucking head off with a rusty blade and doing so slowly and methodically, taking my time and enjoying, savoring the experience. And enjoy it I shall. I will behead you, and then I’ll remove the rest of your limbs one at a time, I’ll cut you up into teeny, tiny little pieces and proceed to sand the skin off, as for your blood? I’ll drink it like a fine wine. (laughs)
I’m well aware of your supposed near death experience where you supposedly saw “nothing but an empty, black abyss”. To educate you a bit that’s a trick that we use so that we manipulate you dumb humans into believing that this life is the only life that exists and that there is nothing else, so that you live your lives with sin and debauchery, why not fuck that tranny when there won’t be eternal consequences for it? But little do you realize the more you sin the further you push yourself away from heaven and toward the darkest depths of the place I call home. So Philly boy keep right on sinning and feeling that your existence is finite and temporary because before you know it you’ll find yourself in my theme park and I’ll be the one taking you for a ride you won’t enjoy and playing with your soul in ways you won’t appreciate. I will see you on Sunday Philly boy at which point I will expose you as the fraud that you are and will reveal myself as the monster that I truly am. I am the eater of worlds and of children and you my pestilent child are but a mere Sunday evening supper for me.

(Fade out with more of my creepy and evil laughter.)