(Colonial Woods Campground, Upper Black Eddy, PA, Summer of  1995)(It’s very late at night and a man simply referred to as “Moose” is shown running through the woods in absolute terror apparently trying to get away from something or someone. Moose has a reputation of murdering people who trespass on his property and burying them on said property. Many people especially children and teens have gone missing after “taking the challenge” of venturing onto Moose’s property. So for such a man to be so absolutely terrified whatever it is he is terrified of must be pretty frightening. Moose feeling as though he has lost his pursuer decides to stop and take a rest, catch his breath if you will. As soon as he does  a man appears behind a nearby tree and slowly starts coming out and heading toward Moose. This man is dressed in a fedora with a suit jacket both of which are black, a blue denim button up shirt  and a pair of either dark blue or black (hard to tell this late at night) pair of jeans, with black cowboy boots. )




Todd Westfile: You can’t run from me as I’m everywhere, you can’t hide fromme as I know everything, all of your deepest, darkest secretes and desires  are common knowledge to me.



Todd Westfile: I’m everyone and every thing the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning and your ticket is bout to be punched.




Todd Westfile: No deals can we make the end for you is nigh. Your blood, your soul is the answer to the first part of the question as thems the reasons I be sent here to these parts.




Todd Westfile: Can’t nobody help you or save you what’s done is done no hard feelings.


(Fade out)

(The next morning Moose is found hanging in a tree by a search party his body appears to be in pretty rough shape as though animals have been picking at it even though you can assume he was just recently killed.)


(Present day.)


The Sound of a young man praying prior to going to bed: Dear lord, please forgive me my past and present sins known and unknown. I sincerely repent for all of them and am truly sorry. I beg for your mercy and forgiveness and ask that you cleans me with your blood and guide me with your spirit, forgive me my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me, lead me not into temptation but deliver me from evil, watch out for me and my family, protect us, guide us and keep us safe, thank you for all that you have done for us over the years Amen.


( Hours pass beyond the time that the young man has fallen asleep and Westfile appears at the young man’s window dressed as before and begins speaking though in a telepathic manner as his mouth doesn’t appear to be moving. Eerie music plays as he does)


Todd Westfile: Awake my child, (the young man awakes) what’s under your bed, what’s in your closet? Who is in your window? (The child looks out the window to see Westfile seemingly floating as the eerie music continues to play in the background.) (Westfile places his hand upon the window) come with me and live forever, join me in complete bliss (the child places his hand against Westfile’s on the other side of the window), that’s right my son, now sleep my child.


(The young man’s eyes turn completely black as though devoid of a soul at this point as this particular scene fades out. )


(When we join Westfile again he is simply standing in the middle of a forest on a bright and sunny day. He appears to be smoking a large cigar and immediately begins addressing the camera.)


Todd Westfile: Jeff Jackson, they call you a killer but have you ever actually taken a life or is that simply a nickname you gave yourself to cover up your inadequacies? Whatever the case Jeff, I see all and know all, I am well aware of you and what you have done in the past. I know how to defeat you and defeat you I shall in the most violent and brutal way possible. I have ended people’s lives Jeff, unlike yourself, didn’t grandma ever teach you that when it’s your time, it’s your time? And my friend your time is about up. You and others had the sheer nerve to overlook me when discussing predictions for the finals and I will make you regret making such a poor decision, don’t feel bad everyone else in time will pay for it as well so it’s not as though I’m singling you out for destruction and will give everyone else a pass so fear not all will fall to their knees in defeat begging for mercy that won’t be available when the time comes.


Todd Westfile: I have come here to settle some old scores and finish some age old vendettas, you are simply victim number one on what is sure to be a very, very, very long list. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. As I said before I know you even though I remain a complete mystery to you, I know your history of getting cold feet when facing off against certain opponents. I know you will more than likely not even bother to show up for this match, but I know all and will find you whenever you may try to hide, you can’t hide from me I will seek you out, drag you out of hiding kicking and screaming and finish you off in front of the world. I am the eater of worlds and of children and Jeff Jackson, my child I am going to feast upon your bones and your wretched soul on Sunday evening, your day of judgment is nearly upon you and you have been found guilty in my court of law.  (Laughs evilly)


(Fade out.)

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