(A raspy and demonic sounding voice begins speaking against the dark backdrop of an eerie forest on a dark and cloudy evening.)

Voice: I am coming and will be arriving shortly. You may over look me and not view me as a threat in this tournament, but rest assured my children you will  come to fear and respect me. I may be a dark horse or unknown to you at this moment, but my name, my image will be forever  etched into all of your minds haunting you all for the whole of eternity.

(A rather strange and eerie man comes into view dressed in a suit jacket with a fedora but oddly what appears to be a denim shirt where a dress shirt would usually be with a pair of jeans and black cowboy boots. He is carrying what appears to be a wooden walking stick.)

Todd Westfile: (singing in an eerie tone) Mary Had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb with fleece as white as snow. You are all lambs bout to be led to your slaughter you can’t fight fate or overcome destiny. It’s your fate to be destroyed by me and my destiny to destroy you. How do you expect to stand a chance against me when I am forever and you are mere boys and girls? I have existed since the dawn of creation and when the last living thing dies my work shall be done. I am the eater of worlds and of children and I am about to feast upon the souls of the children of LAW. You probably think me mad, but it matters not to me what you think of me. I will transform all of your deepest, darkest fears and your nightmares into reality. (Laughs evilly)

Todd Westfile:
My arrival shall bring a new level of insanity and terror  to this promotion the likes of which has never before been seen in this world. Your souls are mine for the taking and take them I shall… fear me you will.

(Fade out)